Clear expectations around absences on your organization's Hiring team can help your team prepare for the unexpected. 

Planning ahead for both long and short-term leaves within Greenhouse Recruiting allows your structured interview pipeline to continue running smoothly, so your hiring plans remain on track. 

In this article, we will provide guidance for managing Hiring team absences within Greenhouse Recruiting. 

If an interviewer is out sick, how do I update the interview details? 

Update or cancel scheduled interview 

Any user in your Greenhouse Recruiting account can be scheduled to conduct an interview, regardless of their permission level. To learn how to update an absent interviewer, follow the steps in the guides outlined below:

Update video conferencing 

If any of the events include video conferencing, you can review guidance for updating call details below:

My coordinator is going on leave. How can I move their responsibilities to a secondary coordinator? 

Update Hiring Team role 

Assigned Hiring team roles determine the tasks a user will be given on a particular job. This is different than the actions a user can take a job, which is housed in the job-based permission level you assign your users. 

For long-term leaves for assigned Hiring team roles, you can update the responsible user following the steps outlined in the guides below: 

Note: It is not possible to edit the tasks assigned to each Hiring Team role.

Change coordinator for individual candidate

To assign or change a coordinator for an individual candidate, in the event of a short-term leave, navigate to that candidate's profile and click the Details tab.

From the candidate's Details tab, navigate to the Source & Responsibility panel and click the Edit iconedit.pngnext to > Coordinator.

Use the dropdown to select the user to be assigned as the candidate's coordinator. When finished, click Save.

All coordinator responsibilities and notifications will be updated once the individual candidate is changed. 

Planning ahead 

Create a shared calendar 

When an event is created within a calendar, usually only the original creator of the event has the ability to either edit or delete the event. The best way to avoid errors updating scheduled events is to create a shared calendar.

Shared calendars enable your team to maintain a centralized scheduling system so that authorized members of your team can schedule, reschedule, and delete events on a single calendar.

If someone is out, you can easily modify the event in Greenhouse Recruiting using the Update button on candidate profiles to swap out interviewers as needed. 

Add a second coordinator as a backup

Grant user permissions for editing the hiring team 

A user must be granted Job Admin permissions on the job, or be a Site Admin, before they can access a job or be assigned an updated Hiring Team role on the job.

Click here to learn how to assign job-based permissions to a user.

Modify your created goals 

If you are planning for an extended leave, such as sabbatical, and have already created individual goals, modify or remove the goal so your results are consistent with your expected scheduling. 

Additional resources

For additional questions not covered here or to troubleshoot issues in updating scheduled events or Hiring team roles, reach out to Greenhouse Technical Support.