The Dashboard helps surface tasks across all jobs in a centralized place and helps users find the information most relevant to their role.

To further customize the Dashboard, you can now show or hide different sections and change the order in which they appear. Users can curate their experience to focus on their most important tasks and have more control over what they see when logging into Greenhouse.


Click the Personalize Dashboard button under Dashboard tiles on the right side of the page.


Any tile you have permission to see will be shown on your Dashboard by default. Hover over the checkmark icon on a tile and click on the X to hide it. This tile will no longer appear on your Dashboard. Please note: Tiles are not interchangeable between the main view and right rail.


To show a hidden tile, click the + icon on the tile to move it back onto your Dashboard.


To change the order in which the tiles appear on your Dashboard, drag and drop each tile to a new position within its “Shown” section.

Click Save and return to your Dashboard to check out your new layout!

Please note: Basic users are not able to personalize their Dashboards.



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