Permissions: Owners and Coordinators

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

As admins, Owners and Coordinators can use their Greenhouse Onboarding homepage to quickly review the status of pending hires, new hires, and various onboarding activities in your organization.

Use this guide to learn more about each section of your homepage.

Navigation menu

Use the menu bar at the top of your homepage to quickly navigate between pages in Greenhouse Onboarding. Your navigation menu includes the following tabs:

  • Home: Click the Home tab to navigate back to your homepage at any time
  • My Tasks: View and manage any onboarding tasks assigned to you
  • Reports: View and build reports to track the status of hires and onboarding activities
  • Settings: Configure and manage settings for your organization's Greenhouse Onboarding account
  • Search bar: Search for users in your organization and view their employee profile


Profile and account settings

In the top-right corner of your homepage, click your initials to access additional settings specific to your Greenhouse Onboarding profile and account:


Navigate to Greenhouse Recruiting

If you also have access to Greenhouse Recruiting, you can quickly navigate between applications using the dropdown arrow in the top-left corner.


Your employee dashboard

Your employee dashboard displays your name, department, location, and start date. You can also view and edit your personal employee profile or access your welcome experience resources.

Click Add a New Hire to manually add a new hire to Greenhouse Onboarding.


Pending hires

The Pending Hires panel shows you candidates who were marked as hired in Greenhouse Recruiting and need to be assigned an onboarding plan.

Click on a pending hire to convert them to a new hire and assign their onboarding plan.


My new hires

If you've been assigned as a manager for an incoming hire, you'll see your new employee's information in the My New Hires panel.

Click your new hire's name to view their employee profile and complete any tasks related to their onboarding that have been assigned to you.


My tasks

Use the My Tasks panel to review your currently assigned tasks and their due dates.

Click See All to view all your tasks.

Screenshot of my tasks dashboard

Documents to sign

Use the Documents to Sign panel to see any E-Signatures that have been assigned to you.


New hire feedback questions

The New Hire Feedback Questions panel shows you recent new hires who have been assigned feedback questions and the status of their feedback.

Click See All Feedback to review the feedback questions assigned to all new hires in your organization.

Screenshot of feedback on dashboard

New hires by start date

This panel groups new hires by their start date so you can easily review each of your onboarding cohorts.

Click the link under the Hires column to open a new hires report filtered to display each new hire that joined your organization on the same start date.

Screenshot of new hires by start date

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