Permissions: Employees

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

New hire goals are created by your hiring manager to provide you with a structured onboarding experience and outline key objectives specific to your role.

Unlike tasks, which commonly focus on administrative actions at the organization or department level, new hire goals allow you to track your progress toward onboarding milestones and activities in one place. This creates stronger alignment between you and your hiring manager by defining what success looks like for the first 30 days in your new role.

Receive onboarding goals by email

You'll receive an email notifying you once your manager creates and shares your 30 day onboarding goals.

Click View my 30 Day Goals to open your new hire goals in Greenhouse Onboarding.

30 day goals shared with new hire email example

Note: Greenhouse Onboarding sends this email when your manager manually shares onboarding goals from your employee profile. Reach out to your manager if you haven't received this email!

Access your onboarding goals

You can view your new hire goals at any time directly in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Preview onboarding goals on your homepage

On your Greenhouse Onboarding Home page, use the My 30 day goals widget to preview your assigned onboarding goals.

New hire view of Greenhouse Onboarding homepage with my 30 day goals widget highlighted

Click Go to 30 day goals to open your onboarding goals in your employee profile.

My 30 day goals widget with go to 30 day goals button highlighted

View onboarding goals in your employee profile

Your employee profile is the central hub for your onboarding goals. You'll use the 30 day goals tab to access full goal descriptions and update the status for each of your assigned goals.

Navigate to Profile from your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage. 

New hire view of Greenhouse Onboarding homepage with Profile button highlighted in employee details

Click the 30 day goals tab from your employee profile to open and update your onboarding goals.

New hire view of their employee profile with 30 day goals tab highlighted

Complete your onboarding goals

You'll find a list of all onboarding goals assigned to you by your manager in the 30 day goals tab of your employee profile.

New hire view of 30 day goals page on their employee profile

Understand your onboarding goals

Each onboarding goal includes a description provided by your manager. You can use these details to better understand your objective and your manager's expectations for each goal.

Click the caret next to any goal to expand and read the goal's description.

Expand new hire goal caret icon highlighted on new hire goals page

Update the status of your onboarding goals

As you work on your assigned goals, you should update each goal's status to help you and your manager track your progress.

Status dropdown menu showing in progress status next to a new hire goal

Use the Status dropdown to apply any of the following statuses to your goals:

  • To do
  • In progress
  • Need help
  • Completed
Note: Your manager will receive an email each time you change a goal's status to Need help.