Map candidate pronouns and pronunciations to Greenhouse Onboarding

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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Greenhouse ensures candidate pronouns and name pronunciations added during the interview process in Greenhouse Recruiting are automatically mapped to new hire profiles in Greenhouse Onboarding. With field mapping, your organization receives better data consistency and more inclusive onboarding.

New hires and current employees also have the ability to self-select, edit, or remove pronouns directly from their employee profiles. 

Note: To learn more about the general integration process from Greenhouse Recruiting to Greenhouse Onboarding, please click here.

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Setup instructions

Edit access of personal pronouns is turned on by default for all users in your organization. Click here for more information on user permissions. 


By default, all users can view candidate pronunciations transferred from Greenhouse Recruiting; however, add/edit and delete access is currently unavailable in Greenhouse Onboarding. 

Note: Only candidates hired after March 9, 2022, have their pronouns and pronunciations mapped to their new hire profile in Greenhouse Onboarding. If your organization was created prior to March 9, 2022, edit access of pronouns must be manually enabled for each user group in your organization. We also recommend deleting existing custom fields. Click here to learn how. 

View pending hire pronouns

Note: Users with Owner or Coordinator access can view pending hires. 

All candidates marked Hired in Greenhouse Recruiting will import into Greenhouse Onboarding as Pending Hires.

Select a new hire under the Pending Hires section of your Greenhouse Onboarding dashboard.


Add a checkmark to all Personal Pronouns that apply to your new hire on the Convert Pending Hire page as needed.  By default, any pronouns provided by your new hire during the interview stage will be selected. 


Once complete, continue assigning your new hire an Onboarding plan

View new hire pronunciations 

You can access pronunciations from your dashboard under the My New Hires panel or within each new hire's Profile.


Click the Play Play_icon.png icon to hear the recording. 


Note: Pronunciations are not available to add to Choreographed Introductions, emails, tasks, or Welcome Experience tokens.  

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