Permissions: Job Admins and Site Admins with permission to email candidates

Product tier: Available to Advanced and Expert subscription tiers.

Candidate self-scheduling allows your Site Admins and Job Admins to send an interview request where candidates have the flexibility to select a convenient interview time themselves (based on the interviewer's calendar availability).

When the self-schedule request is completed, the interview will be automatically scheduled and sent to the interviewers and candidates. 

Any user can be an interviewer for the self-schedule request. However, only Site Admins and Job Admins with the permission to email candidates can send the request. 

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Note: An self-scheduled interview request is not the same as an availability request. While an availability request allows candidates to choose multiple times that can then be coordinated with interviewers and recruiters before scheduling, a self-schedule request only allows a user to select a single date and time, which are then used to schedule the interview. 

Additionally, self-scheduled interview requests are meant for interviews (such as a Hiring Manager Screen) with a single interviewer and calendar availability. For interviews with multiple stages or more than one interviewer in a single session, the recruiter will have to schedule the interview normally

Calendar and video conference integrations

Self-scheduled interviews can be integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook 365. An interviewer must add their calendar to their Greenhouse Recruiting account to be included in self-schedule requests. 

When sending a request, interviews can be configured to automatically include a video link using Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams

Click here for more information on configuring candidate self-scheduling. 

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