Cancel or reschedule a self-scheduling request

After a self-scheduling request has been sent, you can easily cancel or delete it on the candidate's profile in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Cancel a pending self-schedule request

If a candidate has been sent a self-schedule request but has not yet completed it, you can easily remove the request by clicking Cancel beside the sent self-scheduling request.

Note: Canceling a pending request won't remove the request from the candidate's inbox. Instead it will deactivate the link so the candidate won't be able to complete the self-schedule request.

Cancel a self-scheduled interview

Once a self-schedule request is completed by the candidate, the interview will appear on the candidate's profile.

To reschedule or cancel the interview, click Update beside the self-scheduled interview.

On the subsequent page, update the interview as necessary, or select Delete Interview to cancel the scheduled interview.

If you'd like to have the candidate complete a new self-schedule request, first cancel / delete the interview and then send them a new self-schedule request using the steps outlined here.

Click here for more information on deleting interviews.

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