HRIS Link configuration options

This article covers optional features that can be added to an HRIS Link integration. These features can be enabled individually and are not required for the integration to function. To enable any of the optional features listed in this article, please contact the Greenhouse Support team.

Please refer to the following article for more information about the HRIS Link integration: HRIS Link overview


Available optional features


Feature functionality

Append hiring team

This configuration option affects how updates to the hiring team in your HRIS flow over to Greenhouse Recruiting. Initial job creation with HRIS Link assigns the first recruiter listed in the Recruiter_ID column on the HRIS Link Job Import report as the responsible recruiter for all future candidates. Subsequent updates to the job’s hiring team will not change the “responsible recruiter” for future candidates, but will add hiring team members (recruiter or hiring manager) to the Greenhouse job’s hiring team without assigning responsibility.

If the Append hiring team configuration option is not enabled for HRIS Link, the first recruiter listed in the Recruiter_ID column on the HRIS Link Job Import report is assigned as the “responsible recruiter” upon both initial job creation and any subsequent updates.

To learn more, see the following article: Report specifications: Import jobs from Workday

Common questions

  • Can I assign the responsible recruiter (in Greenhouse Recruiting) with HRIS Link?
    Yes, with the Append hiring team feature, you can assign the responsible recruiter, but only upon initial job creation. If you wish to adjust the responsible recruiter after initial job creation, you must do so manually in the Greenhouse User Interface. To learn more, see the following article: Assign a recruiter at the job level
  • Can I remove recruiters or hiring managers with this configuration option?
    No, the Append hiring team feature does not remove users from the Greenhouse Recruiting hiring team.

Automatically close jobs

This configuration allows your organization to close jobs automatically in Greenhouse Recruiting based on the requisition/position status in Workday. For instance, if a requisition/position in your HRIS is in a closed status and the job in Greenhouse is in an open status (draft or open), the integration automatically closes all openings on the job in Greenhouse Recruiting and applies a close reason if one is provided in the HRIS Link Job import report. HRIS Link then sends an email notification to the Notify_Email with the following message: JOB_NAME automatically closed in Greenhouse.

If a close reason is not provided, the Greenhouse Recruiting job is closed without a close reason listed on the closed openings. The email notification sent by the integration contains the following message: A close reason was not provided, so we closed the job without listing a reason.

If a close reason is provided and the integration finds a case-insensitive match in Greenhouse Recruiting, HRIS Link closes the job and notes the close reason applied to all closed openings (such as Close Reason: "On Hold").

If a close reason is provided but the integration is unable to find a match in Greenhouse Recruiting, HRIS Link still closes the job. No close reason is listed on the closed openings, and the email notification includes the following message: We couldn't find a close reason matching "missing close reason," so we closed the job without listing a reason.

Common questions

  • Does Greenhouse auto-open previously closed jobs?
  • What happens to the active candidates on the closed job?
    They remain active.
  • Can we obtain enough information via a WD report in order to open/close on the opening level?
    Greenhouse doesn't monitor opening-level statuses. The integration closes all openings if the status of a job in a WD report is closed.

Note: If a job is open in the HRIS but closed in Greenhouse Recruiting, the job retains its closed status in Greenhouse Recruiting, and a notification email is sent with the following message: JOB_NAME should be opened in Greenhouse.

Jobs cannot be automatically re-opened with an HRIS Link integration.


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