Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can manage custom fields

Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier with HRIS Link add-on

HRIS Link makes it easy to import any and all data from your HRIS into Greenhouse Recruiting in the form of custom fields. This article outlines how HRIS Link maps report fields to Greenhouse Recruiting fields, and how to incorporate new data fields into your integration.

Field mapping logic

In order to map each report field to a Greenhouse Recruiting custom field, HRIS Link looks for a basic text match between the report column header and the following Greenhouse Recruiting custom field attributes (in order):

  1. Immutable field key
  2. Field name

Note: When performing the text match, HRIS Link replaces all underscores ("_") with spaces, and ignores casing.

If HRIS Link can't find an immutable field key that matches the report column header, HRIS Link looks for a match on the field name itself.


Screenshot of example custom job fieldScreenshot of example custom job field

Note: Immutable field keys are generated automatically at the time a custom field is created in Greenhouse Recruiting. You can open a ticket with Greenhouse Technical Support if you need to modify an existing immutable field key.

Add a new custom field in HRIS Link

To add a new custom field to HRIS Link, create the custom field in Greenhouse Recruiting via Configure Configure icon > Custom Options > Jobs or Users > Add Field.

Note: For custom user fields, HRIS Link supports single-select, multi-select, yes / no, and user field types. Read more here: Setup HRIS Link user import > Add custom user fields to your report.

For more information on supported custom job fields, check out: Setup HRIS Link job import > Add custom job fields to your report.

Copy the field name and immutable field key.

If the Greenhouse Recruiting custom field is a single-select or multi-select field type, add all option values that exist in the HRIS.

Note: You can use custom field options syncing to automate this step.

Add the new data field to your HRIS Link report, using a column header value of either the immutable field key (recommended) or the custom field name.

Verify the newly added field appears on the HRIS report with the correct column header.

Once the above steps are completed, HRIS Link imports values from the newly added field on the next integration run.

For any errors, check out our troubleshooting guide here.

Add new fields to HRIS Link with 500+ open jobs

HRIS Link will run every 15 minutes when your integration is enabled. HRIS Link leverages Greenhouse Harvest API to create and update jobs in your Greenhouse Recruiting tenant.

When there are more than 500 open jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting that are utilizing HRIS Link, adding or updating fields in your integration may take longer than 15 minutes, causing unexpected integration errors.

In this case, you can reach out to HRIS Link support to request an integration pause.

  1. Open a ticket with Greenhouse Technical Support to request an integration pause.
  2. A member of our team will arrange a time to pause the integration to allow your team to update your report.
  3. After your team confirms the report has been updated, our team will manually push an integration run and verify successful completion.

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