Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

User-specific permissions are extra permissions granted to a user in addition to those included in that user's permission level (Basic, Job Admin, Site Admin). This article will cover the different user-specific permissions associated with the Site Admin permission level.

For more information about the user-specific permissions for the other permission levels, click the links below: 

By default, Site Admins are given permission to add referrals and share public job posts, view and manage assigned jobs, and manage all jobs and user permissions. 

Site Admins can also be assigned the following optional user-specific permissions:

Permission Description
Can edit another user's advanced permissions This permission allows the user to configure the user-specific permissions for other users in the organization. A user with this permission cannot configure their own user-specific permissions.
Can create and override default approval flows If your organization has any approval flows configured, this permission allows the user to create and circumvent any of those processes. This permission should be granted judiciously. 
Can see EEOC and demographic reports If your organization collects EEOC or custom demographic data, this permission allows the user to view your organization's EEOC and demographic reports.
Can create and view private candidates This permission allows the user to create and view private candidates on all non-confidential jobs. When granted, the user will have additional functionality when adding a candidate. 
Can bulk edit jobs This permission allows the user to perform a single action to edit multiple jobs at the same time. For more information on bulk editing jobs, click here.

Note: This permission is available only for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers.
Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers This permission allows the user to view information under the Private tab on a candidate's profile. This includes private notes, salary, offer details, etc. This permission also allows the user to create and edit candidate offers, create and edit offer templates, and to be added as an approver for jobs and/or offers.