Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

How your organization interacts with external candidates can differ drastically from how you interact with internal candidates (that is, candidates who are already employees in your organization).

Components such as the questions in an interview kit, the type of information required from the candidate during their application, and job post may not necessarily overlap between both internal and external candidates.

Greenhouse Recruiting allows your organization to manage your external job posts and internal job posts separately. This allows you to take all of the configuration of a job post — name, location, language, description, job post questions, and application confirmation emails — and have it be completely distinct between the external and internal post on a job.

Note: To create an external job post, your organization must have already configured an external job board.  

Create external job post during new job workflow

Note: Only a Site Admin or Job Admin with the additional user-specific permission, Can create new jobs or request job approvals, can create a job post as part of a new job workflow.

If the 'Job Post' step is enabled for job setup flow, users are prompted to configure a job post when creating a new job in Greenhouse Recruiting.


From the Job Post configuration page, fill in the appropriate details of the job post (keeping in mind an audience of external candidates).

Note: The 'Job Name' field has a limit of 255 characters.

Navigate to the Post To field and select an external job board from the dropdown menu.


When finished configuring the external job post, continue with the job setup flow. Once the job is approved for recruiting, navigate to Job > Job Setup > Job Post and toggle the Status button to LIVE.


Your job post is now live on your external job board!

Add external job post to existing job

Note: Only users with Job Admin level permissions with the additional user-specific permission Can create, edit, and delete job posts, or Site Amin level permissions can create a new job post for an existing job.

To create an external job post for an existing job, navigate to a job by clicking the Jobs tab on the navigation bar and selecting a job from the subsequent list.


From the Job Dashboard page, click Job Setup and navigate to Job Posts on the left panel.


Navigate to the Job Posts panel and click Add Job Post.


Note: A single post can only be related to one job board at a time, but there is no limit to how many times a single job can be posted to a board (either internal or external).

Alternatively, click the Ellipsis icon Icon_-_White_Ellipses.png and select Duplicate to easily create copies of a job post.


Note: Job post duplication is only available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers.

From the subsequent page, edit the details of the job post to suit an external audience. Navigate to the Post To field and select an external job board from the dropdown menu. Click Save when finished.

Note: The Job Name field has a limit of 255 characters.


When finished, the new job post appears in Job Posts panel. Toggle the Status button to Live.


Once you've created your new job post, you might wish to set that post as the job's primary job post. Click here to learn more.