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Add Custom Question To Job Application


Custom job application questions allow your organization to collect information from candidates when they apply to a job post. Custom application questions are configured on a per job basis. In this article we will cover how to add a custom question to a job application for an existing job.

Click All Jobs from the navigation bar and select a job from the subsequent list.


Click Job Setup and navigate to Job Posts on the left-hand panel.


Navigate to a job post from the list and click edit.png inline with the job post name.


From the Edit Your Job Post page, navigate to the How candidates apply for this job section and click Add Custom Question.


From the Add a Question dialog box, input the:


Note: If you select an Answer Type of Attachment, candidate attachments cannot exceed a file size of 500 MB. 

When finished, click Done. The custom question will be added to the job application.

Navigate down the Edit Your Job Post page and click Save to confirm that addition.