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Permissions Overview

 GHO_Permissions_and_Product_Tier.pngGreenhouse Onboarding organizes permissions into 3 different access tiers to help your company control the flow of onboarding data your users can see and edit. Each access tier has its own unique roles and available permissions. To learn more about how to configure each access tier and their associated roles please follow the links below:

Default Access
Administrative Access
Custom Access

Greenhouse Onboarding suggests that your organization begins the configuration process with the Default Access tier. This tier contains only a single role that can be configured, Employee Access, which is the grouping of employee field permissions that will be inherited by every employee in your organization and act as a general default for other roles unless otherwise specified. 

For more information regarding best practices when configuring your organization's roles and permission access tiers, please click here.


Navigate to Greenhouse Onboarding Permission Page

To configure any roles and permissions, click Settings from your navigation bar and select Permissions from the left-hand panel.