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Congratulations on starting your journey with Greenhouse!

As you start the implementation process, it’s important to keep your team informed about the company’s new hiring operating system. Use this toolkit to structure internal communications and training.

Using this toolkit

The rollout toolkit will guide you in introducing Greenhouse to your company. The resources in this toolkit are designed to support you through the different steps of the process and are highly customizable.

Before the rollout

Who creates new open jobs? Should you include a hiring manager review step in your interview plan? These are questions that you’ll want to think about before launch day. You may also want to see how other companies have successfully implemented Greenhouse.

Case studies

Greenhouse Recruiting has helped companies large and small successfully adopt structured hiring. These are two case studies from how other teams have successfully deployed their new hiring operating systems.


Echo found itself in a phase of rapid growth where investing in organizational tools was the next step towards achieving scalability. Enter Greenhouse Recruiting. In response to the need for increased headcount, the recruiting team explored ways to streamline the hiring process, seeking solutions that could efficiently bring in high-quality candidates to meet growing demands across the company.


IDEO faced challenges in their recruiting process, like slow processes, communication issues, and a lack of historical data tracking. With Greenhouse's assistance, they successfully implemented lasting improvements. Through user-friendly features like standardized yet flexible interviews, adaptable scorecards for fair evaluations, and time-saving templates, IDEO transformed its global recruiting approach.

Guiding questions

As you switch to a new hiring system, there may be some changes in your current process. Choosing Greenhouse Recruiting as your new hiring operating system allows your company to start fresh, make improvements, and build your system to accurately reflect your company’s hiring reality.

We’ve prepared some guiding questions for you and your team to think through. These questions may come up as your company starts using Greenhouse; prepare answers to them ahead of time.

Creating open jobs

  • Who can create open jobs?
  • Who will create interview plans and scorecards for new open jobs?
  • How are interview kits configured?
  • Do open jobs need to be approved?
  • Are approvals the same across departments and offices?

Reviewing applications and interviewing

  • Who will create your interview plan?
  • Who’s responsible for first reviewing applications in Greenhouse?
  • What information will interviewers receive for preparation?
  • Who is responsible for rescheduling calendar invitations?
  • Who can advance candidates to the next stage?
  • What’s the expected timeline for interviewers to submit their scorecards?

Candidate management

  • Who will advance candidates to the next stage?
  • Who can reject candidates?
  • Who will create the email templates sent to rejected candidates?


  • Who can send offers to candidates?
  • Will you use Greenhouse to send offers or an e-signature service?
  • Who will update and send offers throughout negotiations?
  • Who will mark offers as accepted and mark candidates as hired?

Introduce your company to Greenhouse

As you start talking about Greenhouse, you may receive questions about Greenhouse itself, and what makes us the right system for your company.

Share this promotional video out to your company. It gives an overview of how Greenhouse Recruiting helps your team collaborate seamlessly, creating a great candidate experience.

Our approach to structured hiring makes Greenhouse unique in the world of applicant tracking systems. This introduction to structured hiring will help your team understand how structured hiring can help them be more effective through every step of the hiring process

Email templates

During rollout, there are two crucial days: when you announce you’re switching to Greenhouse, and the day the system goes live. We’ve prepared two email templates that have all the necessary information, like when you’ll be going live, what your company can expect, and links to help introduce your new hiring operating system. Customize each email template with your company’s information wherever you see the brackets [].

Use this template to announce that you’re switching to Greenhouse.

Hi [YOUR COMPANY] staff,

We're thrilled to announce that we're transitioning from [PRIOR ATS] to Greenhouse Recruiting as our new Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Greenhouse will revolutionize our hiring process, enhance communication, and foster a recruitment-driven culture at [YOUR COMPANY].

Mark your calendars for [TRANSITION DATE], when we'll officially be moving from [PRIOR ATS] to Greenhouse Recruiting. Any new applicants visiting our job website will seamlessly flow through the Greenhouse system.

As we approach the launch, we'll provide additional resources tailored to your interactions with Greenhouse and give you the necessary user permissions to access our new hiring software.

Key details:

Greenhouse is designed for everyone, from recruiters and managers to interviewers and employees referring candidates.
Everything will be organized in one place, including candidate information, interview schedules, and feedback.
Our hiring process will become more consistent, ensuring a uniform experience for all candidates. Read more about Greenhouse’s approach to hiring on their website.
Greenhouse will facilitate teamwork by giving more structure to our hiring process and aligning us on our goals.

Exciting changes are coming! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team if you have any questions.

Best regards,

[YOUR COMPANY] recruiting team

Send this email to your staff on launch day.

Hi [YOUR COMPANY] staff,

Today, we're launching Greenhouse at [YOUR COMPANY]. You should receive an account invitation by the end of the day. Greenhouse is meant to be used by everyone at [YOUR COMPANY] to help us optimize our recruiting. Click the link in your invitation email, set your password, and enter your name. Even if your team isn't hiring now, set up your account so you can submit referrals, share jobs, and access job boards.

Depending on your role—referrer, interviewer, or hiring manager—we have some resources to make this transition as smooth as possible. Here's how to get started:


Everyone at [YOUR COMPANY] will be given access to submit referrals for open jobs. Learn how to submit a referral on Greenhouse’s comprehensive support site. Whenever you submit a referral, Greenhouse will keep you updated on their progress via email.


For each interview, you’ll receive a calendar invitation with an interview kit that preps you with information on how best to interview the candidate. Before your first interview, try watching the short videos in this Learn Greenhouse series to get prepared.

Hiring managers

Hiring managers will be assigned to the jobs they’re responsible for. Greenhouse Recruiting makes it easy to see all the jobs where you’re the hiring manager and will assign you tasks so you can easily complete actions that will move the process forward. Check out this Learn Greenhouse pre-recorded session for hiring managers you can watch or listen to at your convenience.

Happy hiring,

[YOUR COMPANY] recruiting team

Train your teams

After you’ve let your team know about the switch to Greenhouse, help them get prepared to jump right into hiring by providing them with training materials. You can use the following resources in a variety of ways: hold a live training session, send your team the presentations to review on their own, or provide links to additional resources that everyone can use at their own pace.

Training presentations

We’ve created different presentations that you can customize and present based on how each member of your team will use Greenhouse Recruiting. There are separate presentations for Basic users, interviewers, Job Admins, and Site Admins. Download them at the top of this page.

Take a look at our permissions overview, which includes a brief video explaining what each permission level can see and do. Reviewing permissions before launch will ensure you’re giving the right guidance to your team.

Note: These slides will download in the .pptx format. After downloading, you can present the slides in both PowerPoint and Google Slides, or create a PDF document of the slides to send to your teams.

Supplemental training

As you roll out Greenhouse to your company, we have many different resources to help every user become a knowledgeable power user. Share these links with your team so they can have easy access to more training resources.

  • Training event calendar: Your home for hiring best practices and product how-tos, Learn Greenhouse, has a variety of training opportunities for everyone at your company. Choose the format that works best: live training, recorded demos, or interactive office hours.
  • Navigate Greenhouse course: These short videos are a great primer on how to navigate the most frequented pages in Greenhouse Recruiting.