Permissions: Basic, Job Admin, or Site Admin

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

Referrals from your organization's existing employees can be a powerful source for strong candidates.

Submit a referral

Most users can submit a referral by scrolling to the Add a Referral section of their dashboard.

Referral on dashboard

However, if you're a job admin or a Site Admin, you can submit a referral directly from the navigation bar.


It is not possible to refer a prospect, so choose a job for your referral. If you think they might be good for several different jobs, simply choose one and write a note to the Recruiter outlining the other jobs as well. The Recruiter can then assess your referral's information and make sure they end up in the best job or jobs.

Note: A user can make a referral to any job with a live external job post, as well as to any job where they have been assigned permissions. This means a Basic user can submit referrals only to jobs which have a live external job post, while a Job Admin user can submit a referral to any of their assigned jobs (as well as to any job with a live external job post). Because Site Admins users have access to all jobs, a Site Admin can submit a referral to any job in your Greenhouse Recruiting account.


When selecting a job, the job name will be the primary job post name on the job under Job Setup > Job Posts.

Note: If you would prefer that users submit referrals by internal job name, rather than external primary job post name, you'll need to reach out to a Site Admin to edit your Permission Policies. Have the Site Admin select Configure Configured_Icon.png (gear icon), then choose Permission Policies from the left. Find and check the permission policy When adding a referral, surface the internal job name instead of the primary job post name.

When submitting a referral, be sure to complete the fields under the Details section to provide background about your relationship with the referral.

When finished, click Add this referral at the bottom of the page.


If you have checked Follow referral under the Name & Company section, you will receive notifications when/if your referral is moved to a different stage or has their status changed

View submitted referrals

You can check the status of your referrals by viewing the My Referrals panel on your Dashboard.


Questions about submitted referrals

Every organization has unique internal processes for referrals, so your organization's internal HR/recruiting team is best equipped to answer questions about your submitted referrals. For additional information, visit Referrals FAQ.

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