Note: This article is about CoderPad Live, which offers real-time collaborative coding interviews. To learn how to send take-home questions and assignments to candidates, visit CoderPad Take-Home integration.

Greenhouse Recruiting and CoderPad have teamed up to help you better evaluate technical candidates through live collaborative coding interviews. 

CoderPad is the leading technical interview platform for teams that need a simple, fast solution to help accurately assess candidates throughout the hiring stages. It works like an IDE to emulate real world scenarios and is easily personalized to specific development team needs — ensuring a positive experience for both the candidate and the interviewer.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with CoderPad allows you and your candidates to write and execute code collaboratively during an interview — right in your browser. Setup is simple and convenient.

Enable the Greenhouse Recruiting / CoderPad Live integration

Contact your CoderPad Live representative to obtain your API key. 

After you've retrieved your API key, you'll need to add it to Greenhouse Recruiting. Click Integrations from your navigation bar, then search for CoderPad Live. 


Click Connect, then enter your API key and click Save.


The CoderPad Live integration is now enabled for your account. 

Use the CoderPad Live integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Once the Greenhouse Recruiting / CoderPad Live integration is enabled, you can add a CoderPad Live link to a candidate's interview. Click Schedule Interview from a candidate's On Job panel.

Note: A CoderPad link can be added to any interview stage with a scheduled interview. In the below example, we have created a unique interview stage for the CoderPad test called Technical Screening

From the Schedule Interview page, click +CoderPad Live Link to generate a session. The link to the session is added automatically to the interview's description.


Complete the steps to schedule the interview with the appropriate interviewer. When finished, click Schedule and Continue.

The CoderPad Live link is added to the Interview Kit. Click Send Invites to send the interview invitation to the interviewer.


The CoderPad Live link is available to interviewers in their interview meeting invite. Here's an example of a Google Calendar invite: 

Note: Candidates are not included in this calendar event. When you send the candidate an interview confirmation email, include the CoderPad link you generated.

After the interview, you can review the coding interview by accessing the CoderPad Live link in the candidate’s Interview Kit.

Troubleshoot the CoderPad Live integration

The Send Invites button does not appear

Screenshot_of_missing_Send_invites_button.pngIf you do not see the option to send calendar invites, you might not have connected a calendar integration. Be sure you've connected Google Calendar, Outlook 365, or Outlook to your Greenhouse Recruiting account. 

Newly generated CoderPad link says it has already been used.

To prevent wasting links when interviews are rescheduled, if multiple interviews are created in the same Greenhouse Recruiting stage, CoderPad assigns the same CoderPad link that was already created. This is because CoderPad links are generated based on specific data points passed on by Greenhouse Recruiting. 

To ensure a fresh CoderPad link, add a new interview to the stage.