Quick start guide for Sourcing Automation admins

Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation admin seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

Greenhouse Sourcing Automation is an add-on product in Greenhouse Recruiting that makes sourcing your superpower, helping you find, reach, and engage top talent quickly and effectively.

If you're a Sourcing Automation admin, you'll want to ensure that you've configured the right settings to get your organization ready to use Sourcing Automation. This includes assigning seats to recruiters, setting up email aliases and templates, and more. Follow this guide to learn how to set your sourcing team up for success.

Note: If you're a general user and not an admin, use this quick start guide to learn how to get started using Sourcing Automation.

Step 1: Assign Sourcing Automation seats

Assign Sourcing Automation seats to recruiters on your sourcing team. You'll want to assign at least one other seat, so that your team can still access Sourcing Automation if you happen to leave the organization.

If all of your organization's Sourcing Automation seats become inactive, you'll receive an email reminding you to assign new seats.

Note: All Site Admins in Greenhouse Recruiting can manage access to Greenhouse Sourcing Automation and assign seats.

Manage Sourcing Automation seats page with Assign new seat button highlighted

Step 2: Configure important Sourcing Automation settings

Next, configure the following Sourcing Automation settings for your organization:

Setting Use
Link Gmail aliases Your sourcing team can send campaign messages with a shared Google mail alias. You'll need to connect this email alias to Sourcing Automation in order for your team to send messages on behalf of it.
Create a campaign-level schedule Set up a campaign-level schedule for your sourcing team's messages. All Sourcing Automation emails will be sent to prospects based on the campaign-level schedule, rather than an individual sender's time zone.
Enable email lookups Turn on email lookups to quickly locate a prospect's email address when adding them to your campaign pools through the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension.
Enable phone lookups Turn on phone lookups to quickly locate a prospect's phone number when adding them to your campaign pools through the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension.
Create organization-wide email templates Set up Sourcing Automation email templates so that your sourcing team can quickly reach out to prospects and keep messaging on-brand.

Step 3: Install the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension

Install the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension so you can quickly add prospects from LinkedIn, Indeed, and other sourcing sites to your campaign pools in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Tip: Make sure to pin the extension to your browser for easy access.

Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard with Chrome extension opened and highlighted

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