Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date by following our release notes.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Backup reCAPTCHA

If a candidate fails the invisible reCAPTCHA when submitting a job application, Greenhouse Recruiting will present a captcha test for the candidate to complete.

Scorecard enhancements

If you edit a scorecard after it's submitted, it will display a new "Edited" badge. In addition, focus attributes are now displayed in the order they were created rather than in alphabetical order.

Token updates

APPLICATION_ID and CANDIDATE_ID tokens can now be used in additional email templates.

CRM & Events

Customize manual tasks for your campaign steps

Campaign pool owners can now add manual steps to campaign pools to remind them to call prospects, send InMail messages, or complete other manual sourcing tasks. Prospects will pause in your campaign pool until you've completed manual tasks.

Report on prospect activity

Greenhouse Sourcing Automation users can use the prospect activity report to monitor how often their prospects open and reply to campaign pool messages.

Chrome extension enhancements

We've updated the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension to include a new display option, save previous campaign pool and source selections, and allow Sourcing Automation users to complete their first manual task within the extension.

Bug fixes

  • Users couldn't edit custom opening fields on closed jobs via the Harvest API.
  • Some users experienced SMTP password errors when trying to verify their domains in Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • Candidate interview reminders weren't sent for interviewers who aren't Greenhouse Recruiting users.
  • Jobs with non-US locations displayed United States of America as the location when exported to LinkedIn.
  • Greenhouse Onboarding users couldn't download their reports from Chromium-based browsers if the report name included commas.