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Note: reCaptcha is automatically built into careers page integrations options 1-4. 

Greenhouse Recruiting uses Google's reCAPTCHA to help keep robots and spammers from easily applying to jobs on your job board. 

Depending on how reCAPTCHA interprets a user's activity, they may experience either an invisible reCAPTCHA or be prompted to solve a captcha.

Invisible reCAPTCHA

Invisible reCAPTCHA analyzes activity on a job post, like mouse movements and typing patterns, to determine if a user is a robot. 

When an application is submitted, a graphic with the words "protected by reCAPTCHA" appears briefly as reCAPTCHA analyzes the activity on the submission. After a few moments, if the feature determines that the submission was created by a real candidate, the image is dismissed and the application is submitted.

Screenshot of a reCAPTCHA

If reCAPTCHA determines a user's activity is suspicious, it prompts the user to fill a checkbox to confirm they're not a robot. 

I'm not a robot captcha checkbox.png

If reCAPTCHA is still suspicious, the user is prompted to complete an image-based captcha test.

Recaptcha test showing the question 'select all squares with traffic lights'.png

Additional resources

For more information, see Google's Guide on reCAPTCHA types.