Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Note: Invisible reCaptcha is automatically built into careers page integrations 1-4. To learn more about the different types of careers page integrations, click here.

Greenhouse Recruiting uses Google's invisible reCAPTCHA to help keep robots and spammers from easily applying to jobs on your job board. 

Invisible reCAPTCHA analyzes activity on a job post, like mouse movements and typing patterns, to determine if a user is a robot. The most suspicious traffic will be prompted to solve a CAPTCHA in order to submit an application.

Screenshot of a reCAPTCHA

When an application is submitted, the above image will appear briefly as the feature analyzes the activity on the submission. After a few moments, if the feature determines that the submission was created by a real candidate, the image will be dismissed and the submission will be complete.

For more information, see Google's Developer Guide on invisible reCAPTCHA.