Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

To edit a submitted scorecard, navigate to the On Job panel from the candidate's profile and click Scorecards

Click the Screen_Shot_2018-10-22_at_10.32.13_AM.png icon next to the interviewer's name to expand the section. Then, click Edit Scorecard.


This opens the interview kits. When you're done editing, click Update Scorecard.


Note: Greenhouse Recruiting creates placeholder scorecards for every assigned interviewer to safeguard duplicate submissions by the same interviewer. Since each assigned interviewer has either a single placeholder scorecard or a submitted scorecard you will be unable to change the Interviewed by field to a user who is already assigned to be an interviewer.

Edited scorecards will display an Edited label.


Hovering over the label will display a message encouraging hiring teams to ask interviewers why they changed their scorecard.