Permissions: Owners, and users with custom access to see the email activity tab on an employee profile

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Welcome tiers

Located in the employee profile, the email activity tab allows users with Owner access to see all onboarding emails that have been sent to employees. Use this tab to quickly keep track of the communications, reminders, and tasks that your employees have already received. 

Note: The email activity tab does not include choreographed introduction emails.

Check email activity

You can review email activity associated with any of your organization's employees in their employee profile. This includes emails sent to the employee, their manager, and any other user with assigned tasks related to this employee.

On your Home page, use the search bar to find the employee you'd like to review.


Click on the Email activity tab in their employee profile.


You'll find a list of each email that's been sent to your employee and their onboarding team. This includes task reminders for tasks related to this employee which have been assigned to managers, onboarding coordinators, or users with Owner access.


Example: In the above example, Madison's email activity includes 'Welcome to the team' and 'Your next steps' emails sent to her as a new hire. Reminder emails to the organization's Owner user, Ynonne, and Madison's manager, Carmella, have also been included in Madison's email activity log.

Available email activity details

The following information is available in the email activity tab:

Field name Field details
Subject The sent email's subject line
To The recipient's email address
Sent at The time at which this email was sent

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