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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Welcome tiers

Note: Goals for new hires is currently running as a beta with opt-in participation. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to request access to this feature.

Current participants can use this feedback form to report technical issues, ask questions, or provide feedback. We'd love to hear from you!

Goals improve the onboarding experience by allowing hiring managers to set measurable and attainable growth-related objectives for their new hires. This creates stronger alignment between managers and new hires by defining what success looks like in the critical 30-day onboarding period.

Greenhouse Onboarding provides three core emails that your organization can set up to remind hiring managers to create 30-day goals and remind new hires to complete their 30-day goals. Enable these email notifications to help managers and new hires stay on top of their goals!

Enable new hire goals emails

Note: Only users with Owner access can enable or deactivate email notifications for new hire goals.

To enable email notifications for new hire goals, navigate to Settings > Onboarding Plan Emails.


Scroll to find the Greenhouse Onboarding core emails section.


Click to toggle each 30-day goals email notification on or off


Available new hire goals emails

Create goals for new hire

The Create goals for new hire email notifies managers when they need to create 30-day goals for a new hire. Greenhouse Onboarding sends this email to managers 30 days before a new hire's start date.


Reminder to complete goals

The Reminder to complete goals email reminds managers when they haven't yet completed 30-day goals for a new hire. This email is sent to managers 7 days before a new hire's start date.


Reminder to update goal status

The Reminder to update goal status email reminds new hires to update the status of their assigned 30-day goals. This email is sent to new hires 14 days after their start date. The new hire's manager will also be copied on this email.


Additional resources

Learn more about setting up email notifications in Greenhouse Onboarding: