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Why is my custom Email Template not populating?


Each email template has a "template type" and these "types" determine where they will populate when selecting to communicate with a candidate.  If you are not seeing a custom email template you have created populating in the dropdown list when selecting to communicate with a candidate, it is possible the existing "template type" of that email template is not currently correct and needs to be edited.


Email Template Type Where these email templates will populate in Greenhouse
Candidate Availability Request When selecting "Request Availability" on a candidate's profile
Candidate Email When selecting "Email <Candidate Name>" on a candidate's profile
Candidate Interview Confirmation When selecting "Send Confirmation" on a candidate's profile
Candidate Rejection When selecting to "Reject" a candidate
Extending Offer When sending an offer under the Offer Details tab of a candidate's profile
Interviewer Invite When selecting to "Schedule Interview" on a candidate's profile
Scorecard Due When selecting to re-send a scorecard reminder
Team email When selecting the "Email team" option on a candidate's profile
Thank you for applying  When a candidate has submitted their application


If you need to edit the template type of an existing email template, you can do so by going to Configure>Email Templates and selecting the edit icon to the right of the appropriate email template.  Here, you can make an adjustment to the "template type" so that the email template will correctly populate in the appropriate place.




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