Create an Event


The Greenhouse Events app allows organizations to collect and manage prospect data at events. The app has a desktop view that allows you to configure the details of the event beforehand and a iOS iPad or iPhone that can be used by recruiters, attendees, and prospects on the day of the event. In this article we will cover how to configure an event on your desktop, including:

To start, click the ellipsis ellipsis.png on the navigation bar and select CRM from the dropdown menu.


From the CRM page, navigate to the Events panel on the right-hand side and click Create Event.



Event Details

In the Events Details panel, provide a Name, Date, and Location for your event in the appropriate fields.


All events will be Open for a total of 7 days -- 3 days prior and 3 days after the date you select for testing and follow-up. During these 7 days you can add prospects using the iOS app and the event specific URL.

Note: You will be unable to change the event start date once the event is Open (starting 3 days prior to the event date selected).


Optionally, you can also include a Description of the event, add prospects to a specific prospect pool, select a prospect stage, and assign a Source for added prospects. 


Next, assign Event Administrators and Attendees from your organization. An Event Administrator will have permissions to edit the details of the event while Attendees can only add tags and notes to prospects added at the event. 

Note: The creator of the event will automatically be added as an Event Administrator.



Prospect Info Form

The Prospect Info Form panel will enable you to configure what the prospect will see in the mobile app at the event. Every form will have data fields for the prospect to provide their First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

To add additional questions to the form, click Add a Question.


From the subsequent dialog box, input your question, answer type, and any options in the appropriate fields. Additionally, you can make the custom question required on your form by selecting Required.

Note: To make prospect responses filterable and exportable, you will need to link the custom question to a candidate field. Click here to learn more. 

When you have finished, click Add Custom Question.


Customize your Prospect Info Form with an image by clicking Select under Event Image or Logo and choosing an image from your computer. 


Note: The View Example button displays a generic representation of the Prospect Info Form and will not reflect any Event configuration.


Gathering Feedback

Select up to 10 tags that your attendees can use as feedback or other organizational systems for prospects entered into your system through the event. These tags will be drawn from your organization's Candidate Tags (Configure > Custom Options > Candidate Tags). 



Follow-Up Email and Resume Upload

You can elect to send a follow-up email to prospects entered into your system through the event. To activate the feature, navigate to the top-right corner of the panel and click the toggle so ON is displayed.

Use the Email Template drop-down menu to select a follow-up template. For your convenience, we have created a default template for you.


Note: If you would like to create a custom template, navigate to (Configure > Email Templates > Organization-Wide Templates > +New) and create your template with Thank You For Attending as the Type

The email token {{RESUME_UPLOAD_LINK}} will direct prospects to a new page where they can upload their resume. Create a message that the prospect will see on the upload page, and the message the prospect will see after they have successfully submitted their resume in the corresponding fields.


When you have finished configuring all the details of the event, click Continue.



From the Payment page you can review the details you have configured for the event. To edit any details of the event, click Edit to return to the previous page.


Once you have reviewed the details of the event, input your payment and billing information in the appropriate fields. 

Click Place Order when you have finished.