Greenhouse Recruiting provides default email templates for your company which are used to communicate with both internal employees and your candidates. Your team can edit the existing templates as well as create custom templates. 

Every email template must be assigned a specific template type, which determines where the template will populate within Greenhouse Recruiting. The benefit of assigning email template types is that users will not have to scroll through all of your organization's templates when sending an email. Instead, the user will be presented with a shorter list of only the relevant templates based on the specific communication they need to send. 

Example: An email template with a template type of Candidate Availability Request will be available to select only after clicking Request Availability on the candidate's profile, and will not be available to send after clicking Email [Candidate Name] on the right-hand panel of the candidate profile. Only email templates with a type of Candidate Email will appear after clicking Email [Candidate Name].

In this article, we will cover the available email template types, where templates assigned to each type are available to use, and how to edit the template type of an existing email template. 


Available Email Template Types

Email Template Type Template Availability in Greenhouse Recruiting
Agency Email When assigning Agency Recruiters to individual jobs.
Calendly Email When selecting Schedule with Calendly on a candidate's profile and sending the candidate a Calendly link.
Candidate Availability Request When selecting Request Availability on a candidate's profile.
Candidate Email When selecting Email [Candidate Name] on a candidate's profile.
Candidate Interview Confirmation When selecting Send Interview Confirmation on a candidate's profile.
Candidate Referral Receipt When a user submits a referral. 
Candidate Rejection When selecting Reject > Reject and Send Email on a candidate's profile.
EEOC Request When sending EEOC questions to a candidate via Application Job Post Questions Send EEOC Questions.
Extending Offer When sending an offer under the Offer Details tab of a candidate's profile.
Interviewer Invite When selecting Schedule Interview on a candidate's profile.
Job Post Request When sending job post questions to a candidate via Application Job Post QuestionsSend Job Post, or when configuring an automated job post request email.
Scorecard Due When selecting to re-send a scorecard reminder to an interviewer from a candidate's profile.
Team Email When selecting the Email Team option on a candidate's profile.
Thank You For Applying When a candidate has submitted their application.
Thank You For Attending When a prospect provides contact information through the Events app.

Note: If one of your email templates does not populate as expected when you attempt to send an email, we recommend navigating to Configure Configure.png Email Templates, locating the specific template, and confirming which template type is assigned to that template. Reference the chart above to confirm the location in Greenhouse Recruiting from which you are attempting to send the email supports that particular template type. 

Most email template types support creating more than one version of the template. This allows your team to further customize for your needs, such as creating unique Candidate Interview Confirmation email templates for each of your office locations, in case special instructions are required for an onsite interview experience.


Some email template types, such as the Candidate Referral Receipt template, allow your team to create only one version of the template that will be used in all appropriate instances. 


Edit Template Type on Existing Email Template

To edit the template type of an existing email template, click the Configure icon Configure.png and navigate to Email Templates on the left-hand panel. 


From the Email Templates page, click the Edit icon edit.png inline with the name of the email template you wish to edit. 


Note: The template type can be edited on custom email templates only. Email templates whose names are shown in bold font are default templates provided by Greenhouse. The content (such as the subject line and email body) of a default template can be edited, but the template type cannot be changed, nor can a default template be deleted. 

On the Edit Custom Email Template page, click the Type dropdown and select the updated template type.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save when finished.