Permission policies overview


Permission policies are a set of permissions for all users in your Greenhouse Recruiting account. By defining permission policies, you can automate the default settings for any new users and avoid changing permissions on a user-by-user basis. On this page, you can also define specific permission policies for a subset of users, such as Job Admins, Coordinators, or Interviewers. 

Note: Only organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription can customize and create new Job Admin levels. Organizations with an Essential subscription cannot edit Job Admin levels. 

In this article, we will cover: 


Configure a permissions policy

Click the Configure icon Configured_Icon.png in the top-right corner and choose Permissions Policies from the left side of the page.


Select the checkboxes for each permission to assign it to the associated group. 


To edit Job Admin levels, click the See and manage Job Admin levels link under the Job Admin Levels section. Click here for more information on creating custom Job Admin levels.


Note: Organizations with an Essential subscription will not see an option for See and manage Job Admin levels, as the Essential subscription tier does not include Custom Job Admin levels. 


Additional resources

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