Permissions: Site Admin, or Job Admin with the user-specific permission 'Can manage company metadata'

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Company metadata allows you to capture and report on data custom to your organization in a standardized format. Greenhouse Recruiting includes company metadata for candidate tags, close reasons for job openings, interviewer tags, referrers, rejection reasons, and sources.

It may be necessary to delete company metadata as your organization grows or changes. This article covers how to replace or delete existing company metadata in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: Interviewer tags are only available to Advanced and Expert subscription tiers.

Manage company metadata

To update your organization's company metadata, select Configure, then click Custom Options.


Scroll to the Company Metadata section.


Click any entity listed under Company Metadata to view all existing metadata for that entity. For example, click Candidate Tags to manage all existing candidate tags used by your organization.


Replace or delete company metadata

Click Remove to delete any metadata entry.


When deleting company metadata, you'll have the option to replace the deleted metadata with existing metadata or delete the metadata permanently with no replacement.

Replace company metadata

Select I want any entity using this [company metadata] to use this instead to delete and replace this metadata with other existing metadata. Use the dropdown menu to select a replacement for your deleted metadata, then click Delete.


Example: In the example above, any existing entities using the candidate tag C++ will instead use the candidate tag SQL. Any reports or existing candidates referencing the candidate tag C++ will be updated to SQL after deleting the C++ candidate tag.

Delete company metadata

You can also select I want to permanently delete this [company metadata] without re-assigning to permanently delete any company metadata. Click Delete to confirm you'd like to remove this metadata.

When company metadata is permanently deleted without re-assigning, the metadata is completely removed from all candidates, reports, jobs, or other associated entities in the hiring software.


Example: In the example above, the candidate tag C++ will be completely removed from all reports, candidates, and associated entities and won't be replaced.