Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier with the HRIS Link add-on

HRIS Link can sync user accounts in Greenhouse Recruiting with employee data in your HRIS. This powerful feature allows you to maintain user parity between the hiring software and your HRIS, so that updates to employee names or email addresses happen automatically in Greenhouse Recruiting. Additionally, HRIS Link supports assigning users to departments or offices, and it supports custom user fields, allowing you to maintain user information unique to your organization.

Note: HRIS Link for users shouldn't be utilized with SSO with SCIM, as they both perform the same function.

How it works

When HRIS Link for users is enabled, HRIS Link matches each user on your HRIS report to a Greenhouse Recruiting user based on employee ID.

  • For new user accounts, HRIS Link creates new accounts in Greenhouse Recruiting with the first name, last name, employee ID, and email address from Workday®️.
  • For existing user accounts, HRIS Link deactivates a user account if the person's employment status is inactive in the HRIS but still active in Greenhouse Recruiting, and it reactivates a user account if the employee’s employment status is active in the HRIS but inactive in Greenhouse Recruiting. HRIS Link updates first and last names and adds an email address to existing Greenhouse Recruiting user accounts if the information has changed in the HRIS.

Note: HRIS Link for users will only deactivate or activate users. It doesn't manage user permissions. New user accounts provisioned by HRIS Link will have Basic user access.

Additionally, HRIS Link supports custom user fields, allowing you to maintain user information unique to your organization.

You'll receive success and error emails to help monitor the status of your integration.

Get started

First, create a user report in your HRIS that matches the required specifications in Set up HRIS Link user import. Next, publish the report as a web service.

In Workday®️, create an integration system user (ISU) and grant permission for the ISU to view the report and all its fields.

Enter the report URL and ISU credentials in HRIS Link, then let your Greenhouse technical consultant know HRIS Link is ready to be enabled. Your Greenhouse technical consultant will configure the integration and kick off the initial HRIS Link run.

Tip: Over time, you may need to edit the user report URLs or ISU credentials as your organization grows. Check out Manage HRIS Link ISUs and reports.

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting is not sponsored by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Workday®️.