A custom options sync is an HRIS integration that allows you to import and update custom field settings in Greenhouse Recruiting. We recommend custom option syncs for fields with many options or options that change often in your HRIS, or for HRIS job import integrations. By syncing your custom options, you can maintain parity between your HRIS and Greenhouse Recruiting, and reduce the chance for human error.


A custom options sync is an additional component that can be built as part of an HRIS integration. This per-field integration syncs the available options for a custom field in Greenhouse Recruiting with the available options for a corresponding field in your HRIS.

A custom options sync can be set up on most custom single- and multi-select job, offer, and candidate fields in Greenhouse Recruiting.

For example, if you create a custom job field in Greenhouse Recruiting called Cost Center that includes a list of all available cost centers in your HRIS, a custom options sync keeps the list of available options for the field in Greenhouse Recruiting up-to-date with the cost center options in your HRIS.

You can enable custom options sync for any single-select or multi-select options on application, candidate, job, or offer custom fields. Learn more about custom fields in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: Application custom field types are only available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers.

Custom options sync is not available for Greenhouse Recruiting metadata or system default job fields, including the following:

  • Internal job name
  • External job name
  • Department
  • Office
  • Number of openings
  • Requisition ID
  • Opening IDs
  • Candidate tags
  • Close reasons for job openings
  • Interviewer tags
  • Referrers
  • Rejection reasons
  • Sources

Note: Offices and departments can be partially modified via Greenhouse Harvest API.

Custom options sync isn't available for currency or currency range, number or number range, Boolean, short or long textbook, date, URL, or user field types.

Create a custom options sync

To create a custom options sync, your development or system integrator team will use Harvest API to sync the list of custom option values for a field from your HRIS to Greenhouse Recruiting. The team that builds the integration will be responsible for setting the frequency of updates. Check out the general workflow below:

  1. Make a request to GET: List custom fields to retrieve the Greenhouse Recruiting custom fields and the corresponding Greenhouse custom field ID is required for the next requests.
  2. Make a request GET: List custom field options to retrieve the Greenhouse Recruiting custom field's available option values and IDs.
  3. Next, use the values to make a request to POST: Create custom field optionsPATCH: Update custom field options, or DELETE: Remove custom field options as necessary.

Note: Once enabled, your team should use caution when removing any field options from your HRIS to avoid downstream effects on your integrations. If a deleted option has been selected as the value on a job in Greenhouse Recruiting, the value will be maintained for historical purposes, unless the value is changed at the job-level in Greenhouse Recruiting.