Test a Workday custom options sync

Once a custom options sync is enabled for your Greenhouse Recruiting field using a Workday RaaS or web services call, you can test if the custom options sync is succeeding.

Note: To learn more about custom options sync, check out our guide here.

Test a Workday custom options sync

To test a Workday custom options sync, navigate to Configure Configure icon > Custom Options > then select the category of the field you've synced (Candidates, Job, or Offers).

Screenshot of company custom fields

Click the Edit icon Edit icon beside the field.

Scroll to the Options section.

When a custom field in Greenhouse Recruiting is designated as a Workday sync field, it's no longer editable inside Greenhouse Recruiting. Instead, successfully synced Workday fields will appear as a bulleted list of options pulled from Workday, with no ability to edit them: 

Screenshot of successful Workday custom options sync

If your custom options are uneditable, it means the custom options sync is working.

If your custom options are editable, it means the custom options sync isn't working.


What if my custom options haven't synced?

If the options are still editable in Greenhouse Recruiting, it means your custom options sync didn't succeed.

As a first step, we recommend checking the Workday RaaS report or web service call credentials.

To check the Workday credentials in Greenhouse Recruiting, go to Configure Configure icon > Dev Center > Workday Administration > Enter credentials to access Workday Tenants or reports.

If you see (failing) next to your credentials, it means we received an unauthorized error when we tried to use the credentials to access the report or services call. We recommend checking in Workday to make sure that the credentials are correct. Update them as needed in Greenhouse Recruiting. Once the credentials have been updated, try checking the field options again.

If you continue to experience issues, reach out to Greenhouse Support.