Permission stripe: Can create and view private candidates / prospects

Permissions: Site Admin who can edit another user's advanced permissions

Product tier: Available to Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Job Admin levels are defined permission sets that are granted to Job Admin users on a per-job basis.

Permission stripes are the individual permissions that can be assigned to or removed from each Job Admin level.

In this article, we will discuss the implications of the Can create and view private candidates / prospects permission stripe for Job Admin.

Note: Only organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription can customize the permissions associated with Job Admin levels. Organizations with an Essential subscription cannot edit existing Job Admin levels or create custom Job Admin levels. For this reason, only Site Admin in organizations with an Essential subscription can be configured to create and view private candidates / prospects. Read more here.


The Can create and view private candidates / prospects permission stripe allows Job Admins to view the profiles of private candidates, as well as make existing candidates private. With this permission, your team can opt to allow Job Admin users the ability to continue accessing profiles for candidates who are marked as hired.

Marking a candidate private occurs at the candidate profile level. If you make a candidate private on one job, they become private on all their other jobs as well. A user only needs permission to create and view private candidates on one job a candidate is on in order to make the candidate private on all their jobs.

For this reason, Job Admins with this ability should be careful not to mark a candidate private who should still remain public on other jobs.

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