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User Permission Levels Overview


Every user added to Greenhouse Recruiting is assigned to one of three user permission levels (i.e. user types): Basic, Job Admin / Interviewer, or Site Admin. The user permission level assigned provides general parameters for what access, abilities, and responsibilities a user will have within Greenhouse Recruiting. The user permission level is assigned when a user first is added to Greenhouse Recruiting, but can be edited later. 

Once a user is assigned to a user permission level, additional user-specific permissions can be granted to individual users as needed. User-specific permissions are additional permissions assigned to users who may need to perform tasks that fall beyond their user permission level, and are a key component to customizing each user's Greenhouse Recruiting access to fit your team's needs.

Note: Only a Site Admin with the permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions can edit user-specific permissions. 

In this article, we will cover: 


User Permission Level: Basic

The Basic user permission level allows the most limited visibility in Greenhouse Recruiting, and should be assigned to individuals who do not participate in recruiting tasks.

Basic users will only see the My Dashboard tab available when they log into Greenhouse Recruiting. From the Dashboard page, Basic users can do the following: 

  • Submit referrals and review their previously submitted referrals 
  • Share jobs to social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, or create unique tracking links to post manually elsewhere)
  • Access your company's internal job board



User Permission Level: Job Admin / Interviewer

The Job Admin / Interviewer user permission level allows users to be assigned recruiting tasks on a per-job basis. Users assigned to this permission level will have additional information and access available in Greenhouse Recruiting on jobs to which they have been assigned. For jobs to which these users are not assigned, these users cannot access any information. 

This user permission level includes both Job Admins and Interviewers because both are assigned on a per-job basis. A user might have Job Admin responsibilities for one job, but require only Interviewer access on another job. As a result, these two user types are paired together as a single user permission level. Any employee in your organization who is responsible for recruiting tasks on at least one job should be configured with the Job Admin / Interviewer user permission level. 

To learn more about assigning job-based permissions, click here

Job Admin

Job Admins are users who are stakeholders in the interview plans for specific jobs. This might include Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Coordinators, and other individuals who should have high visibility into a given interview plan or candidate pipeline. Users who will be part of a job's Hiring Team should be given Job Admin access, as only Job Admins can be assigned Hiring Team roles in Greenhouse Recruiting. To learn more about Hiring Team roles, click here

Users will have the following visibility and access available on jobs where they are assigned Job Admin user permissions: 

  • Can see the job's Dashboard, pipeline, and reports
  • Can see all candidates on the job
  • Can add and edit candidates and referrals
  • Can be assigned Hiring Team roles 

Every time a user is assigned to a job as a Job Admin, your team must also decide what Job Admin permission level the user will have on that particular role. Assigning a user to a role as a Job Admin allows the user to see that job, while the specific Job Admin permission level selected for the user defines what actions the user can take on the job

Job Admin permission levels allow your team to specify the exact access a Job Admin should have on a given role. A Hiring Manager and a Recruiter might need different access on a job (e.g. your team might want the Hiring Manager to be able to advance candidates to the next stage, but only the Recruiter should be able to edit the external job post); Job Admin permission levels allow you to make those distinctions and grant users only the level of access they require for their role on a job. To learn more about the unique permissions that can be configured for Job Admins, click here

Note: Organizations with a Core subscription can assign users as Job Admin: Standard or Job Admin: Private; these Job Admin permission levels cannot be customized. Organizations with a Pro or Enterprise subscription can customize the permissions assigned to Job Admin: Standard and Job Admin: Private, as well as create custom Job Admin permission levels. 


Interviewers are users who conduct interviews for specific jobs, but do not interact with candidates or job configurations beyond this. These users have limited access to the profiles of candidates they are scheduled to interview; Interviewers can see the following information on the profile of a candidate they are scheduled to interview: 

  • Information on the candidate's Details tab which is not marked as private (includes attachments such as resume, cover letter, and take home test documents) 
  • Candidate responses to job post questions which are not marked private
  • Candidate notes marked as Visible to interviewers

Your team can select if Interviewers should be able to view scorecards submitted by other Interviewers on the Permission Policies page. 


By default, Interviewers can search for and view candidates on all open jobs where they are assigned as an Interviewer. If your team would prefer to allow Interviewers to see only candidates they are assigned to interview, contact our Customer Success team to request an update to this setting. 

Interviewers cannot view candidates on jobs they are not directly assigned to, nor can they view candidates on closed jobs.  


User Permission Level: Site Admin  

Site Admins have the highest level of access, with the ability to make changes that impact your entire company's Greenhouse Recruiting configuration. Accordingly, we encourage your team to assign individuals to the Site Admin user permission level sparingly.

Site Admins can do the following: 

  • View and edit all non-confidential jobs
  • Run all reports 
  • View and edit candidates (to view private candidates, a Site Admin will need the user-specific permission Can create and view private candidates)
  • Manage custom fields
  • Manage company metadata such as Sources, Rejection Reasons, and Candidate Tags 
  • Manage the Organization settings page


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