Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can reject candidates

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Click Candidates from the navigation bar.

Use the filters panel on the left to narrow down the list of candidates by job, prospects by pool, or other attributes as needed.

When you finish filtering, click Bulk Actions.

Screenshot of the candidates and bulk actions buttons

Select candidates and prospects by clicking the checkbox next to their name or click Select All.

Then, click Edit Selected.

Screenshot of selected candidates to edit

In the Bulk Action window, click Reject.

Screenshot of the reject button

In the subsequent window, fill in the following fields:

When you finish, click either Reject and Send Email or Reject and Don't Send Email.

Screenshot of the reject candidates window

Note: The following application-specific tokens cannot be used when sending an email in bulk:

  • {{SOURCE}}
  • {{START_DATE}}
  • {{OFFICE}}
  • {{JOB_NAME}}

In addition, bulk rejection emails cannot include custom application field tokens, custom job field tokens, or custom offer field tokens. Attempting to use any of these tokens results in an invalid token error that prevents sending the email.

All selected candidates and prospects will be rejected from the jobs or prospect pool with which they are associated.

Note: If the number of selected candidates exceeds 30, a window will prompt you to confirm your decision. Follow the instructions, then click Yes, Reject Candidates.

Screenshot of the reject all window