The job approvals feature enables your organization to exercise greater control over when a job is open for candidate recruitment (and possibly when users can start extending offers to candidates). We offer one-stage and two-stage job approvals to provide your organization varying degrees of control.

In this article, we will cover:

To configure one-stage job approvals, click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper-right corner and select Approvals from the left panel.


From this page, you can configure a one-stage job approval for your entire organization or per office/department. Below is an outline of a one-stage job approval flow:


* Number of approvers is dependent on how approvals is configured

For more information on two-stage job approvals, click here.


Add approver(s)

From the Approvals page, navigate to the Job Approvals panel and click Add Approval Step.


Click Add in subsequent dialog box to select users from the dropdown menu. Repeat as necessary to add multiple approvers to this step.

Note: Only the following users populate in the approver list:
  • Site Admin with the user-specific permission Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers
  • Job Admin with the permission stripe Can view and edit private job fields and approve/request approval on jobs on All Future Jobs. 


Depending on how your organization decides to configure its approval flow, you can set how many approvers from the list need to approve a job before proceeding forward. Use the Required dropdown menu at the top of the dialog box to select the required number of approvers.

In the following example, only 1 of 2 of our configured approvers need to approve a job before it advances.


Click Save when finished. This step is added to the job approval stage.


The configured user(s) receive an email notification about a pending approval when one is requested.

The approve process can be repeated to include additional sequential or non-sequential approval steps to this stage.


Sequential job approval steps

Sequential job approval steps refers to the order in which a job approval flow contacts your configured list of job approvers.

Use Case: Your organization has decided that before a job can be open for candidate recruitment, it needs to be approved by a mid-level and senior member of your recruiting team. However, since you only want senior members to review pre-approved jobs, you'll want to create a sequential flow of steps so a job approval is sent to a mid-level team member first.

To create a sequential flow of required approvals across multiple users, create at least 2 approval steps.


Navigate to the dropdown menu inline with Job Approvals and select In Order. A job approval is only sent down the list of approvers after it is approved by the preceding approver in the flow. An arrow illustrates the flow of required approvals in the flow.



Non-sequential job approval steps

Unlike sequential job approval steps, non-sequential steps contact all required approvals simultaneously instead of navigating down an approval flow.

Use Case: Your team is divided into pods of recruiters and you want any senior member from each pod to approve a job before it is opened for candidate recruitment. Your team does not care about the sequence in which approvals are sent out, only that one senior member from each pod approves the details of the job.

To create a non-sequential job approval process across multiple users, create at least 2 approval steps.

Navigate to the dropdown menu inline with Job Approvals and select All at once. All users selected as approvers on a job are emailed simultaneously. The job is opened when the required number of approvals is achieved from each step.



Job approvers by office and/or department

Instead of configuring a singular one-stage job approval for your entire organization, you can configure one-stage job approvals by office or department.

Note: Any office and/or department not configured with an approval process defaults to your organization's approval process.

To configure an approval process for a specific office and/or department, click Add Approval by office/department.


Use the provided dropdown menus to select an office and/or department. When finished, click Create.


Create an approval process for the selected office and/or department.