In an effort to improve our suite of products, Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. Stay up-to-date with what's new at Greenhouse by Following our Release Notes.

Find our releases for this week below:


Greenhouse Recruiting

  • We are excited to announce that the ability to filter by Custom Offer Fields is available for organizations with Report Builder. This feature applies to the following reports: Trend Report, Pipeline History Report, Current Pipeline Report, Multiple Metrics Report.Screen_Shot_2019-03-07_at_10.38.08_AM.png
  • In our continued efforts to provide your organization with flexible permissions, we've made the Can add and remove users to their assigned jobs permission configurable at the Job Admin level instead of the organization level.
  • Note: This update applies for organizations with Enterprise, Pro, and Core (with the Workflows for Scale package) subscriptions. For organizations with Core subscriptions (without the Workflows for Scale package) this permission will remain configurable at the organization level. 




Date  Description
 Mar 6, 2019  Added linked_candidate_ids to Users Endpoints
 Feb 28, 2019  Added primary_email_address to Users Endpoints
 Feb 28, 2019  Added updated_at to Jobs Endpoints
 Feb 13, 2019  Added ability to create new candidate tags via POST: Add New Candidate Tag
 Feb 1, 2019  Added partial response (HTTP Status code 202) to POST: Create Job
 Jan 8, 2019  Added can_email flag to Candidates Endpoints

For more information regarding updates to our API, click here.


Greenhouse Onboarding

  • A minor change was released for Greenhouse Onboarding regarding Custom Fields. Functionally, Custom Fields will stay exactly the same but we will now refer to this data as Fields. Progress is being made to update our support documentation to reflect this change. Screen_Shot_2019-03-07_at_11.06.27_AM.png
  • Greenhouse Onboarding users assigned to the Owner role can now reassign Tasks in bulk to any configured 3rd Party Task System. Screen_Shot_2019-03-07_at_11.16.20_AM.png



Bug Fixes

  • We updated the way Greenhouse Recruiting handles email attachments. Now if a user sends an email with attachments whose combined sized is greater than 25MB links to those uploads will populate at the bottom of the email body.
  • We fixed a reported issue when bulk adding a job post question linked to a custom field. The link between the question and the custom field should copy over now when performing this action.
  • We narrowed the way our see private data permissions are handled so that users who are assigned this permission can only see private attachments for the job they have been assigned.