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Link Custom Application Question to a Candidate Field

Custom application questions are a great way to gather important information from candidates right off the bat, but they aren't always the easiest to notice or report on. Because of the vast difference between application questions on one job versus another, there isn't a very clear and easy-to-use solution to display the responses for candidates on many different jobs, even when exporting to excel! 

To get around this, you can now link an application question to a field on the candidate profile, putting the information front and center and allowing you to export a whole list of candidates from various jobs into excel to do your own reporting on these responses.

Start by creating or updating your candidate custom fields on the Configure > Custom Options > Candidates page — any Short textbox, Long Textbox, Yes/No, Single Select, and Multi Select fields can be linked.  (Please note that candidate custom fields that are date, currency, or number types can not be linked at this time.)

After your fields are saved, head to the Job Setup > Job Post page for a job and edit the application questions that appear below the standard resume and cover letter. You'll see a new toggle that allows you to link an application question to a custom field when you add an additional question, and selecting one will adjust the question type to match whatever you've set on the custom field page.

In addition to linking to candidate custom fields, you can tie an application question to some of the standard fields on all candidates as well.

When a candidate applies, nothing will look out of the ordinary for linked questions...


... but after they apply, you'll see their answers in two places — on the Other Details section of the Details tab and under Application Questions. If you export a list of people via the top right button of the Candidates tab page, these values will appear, even if you're filtering by multiple jobs at the same time.

If a custom field is deleted, the linked application questions will convert into unlinked questions, but their content will remain the same as before.

It isn't possible to create a new linked question in bulk, but you can configure a single job with a linked application question, then assign it to your other jobs via bulk actions.