Greenhouse CRM allows your organization to build and nurture its most valuable asset - your talent network. With an organized and steady talent pipeline, your organization can stay a step ahead when the hiring opportunity arises.

Greenhouse CRM provides a variety of tools to help your organization add, organize, and search prospects in your account to suit your sourcing processes. 

Note: Greenhouse CRM is available to all subscription tiers. However, only Job Admins or above with CRM Access can use the features below. This access is granted by Greenhouse or the CRM contact in your organization.

Some specific features may only be available to higher subscription tiers. Check out the specific support articles for a more detailed view of the permissions and subscription tiers for a specific feature.

Add Prospects

It can be inefficient and challenging to create and cultivate a talent database when your data lives across multiple systems. Regardless of how your organization sources for prospects, Greenhouse CRM has a tool to help you quickly and easily import their information into your Greenhouse account.

Add New Prospects with Greenhouse

Whether you have been communicating with a prospect via email or maintaining a list of prospects on a spreadsheet, easily import this data into a centralized location with a few clicks using the below Greenhouse features.


Easily create prospects directly from your email. Use this feature to import 1 or multiple prospects into Greenhouse by emailing their resume to a maildrop address. This feature can save your team precious time when dealing with a large volume of resumes from a resume book, career fair, etc.

Bulk Import Prospects from Spreadsheet

If you collect prospect information from other sites in a spreadsheet and want to quickly import them into your Greenhouse account, our bulk import feature allows you to bulk upload hundreds of prospects in one workflow. We also support any additional information you might want to include like custom fields, jobs, pools, stages, etc.

Start New Prospect for Rejected Candidates

Chances are you already have great talent in your Greenhouse Recruiting database! Sourcing from past candidates cuts down on external sourcing time, and is free. When closing a job, figure out which candidates in the pipeline could be a fit for your organization in the future and convert them into prospects.

Prospect Post

A prospect post is unique type of post on your organization's career page that is not linked to any specific job. It allows prospects to express general interest in applying to roles at your company who do not see current listings applicable to their skillset. These posts can be linked to specific prospect pools to help keep your prospects organized in Greenhouse CRM


Additional Prospecting Tools

In addition to the above features, we have a variety of extensions and integrations with sourcing partners to meet your organization's sourcing needs. Click below to explore available options.

Greenhouse Prospecting Plugin

Bring the power of CRM to where you are working. Once installed, the Greenhouse Prospecting Plugin allows your organization to add prospects to your Greenhouse account from any website without leaving your current workflow. Organize added prospects into pools, stages, departments, offices, etc... directly from the plugin's prospecting panel.

LinkedIn RSC

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) is an integration that allows you to seamlessly source and manage prospect and candidate information across Greenhouse and LinkedIn Recruiter all on one platform. When enabled, your organization will be able to export the prospect directly to available jobs in your Greenhouse account.

Sourcing Integration Partners

We offer over 80 integrations with sourcing partners across the industry. Get creative in your candidate sourcing efforts by searching proprietary databases, boosting employee referrals, and managing a fleet of agencies.


Organize and Search Prospects

Prospecting is a high volume job and it is not helpful to have thousands of prospects in your Greenhouse account if you cannot segment and find those prospects again. We provide multiple tools help your organization categorize its prospects so it is easy to capture their information and find them in the future. Do not waste your existing relationships or start your internal prospect searches from scratch!

Organize Prospect Data

At the individual level, organizing prospect data can help your organization capture important structured data that will help you refine your searches, improve your reporting about sourcing performance, and help you determine where to invest your prospecting resources

Prospect Owner

Prospect owners identify the team member in your organization who is responsible for the prospect. This provides a clear accountability and can help your organization report on exceptional and/or under-performing team members.


Where are your prospects coming from? Which ones are converting to candidates? Which ones are making it furtherest in the pipeline? Arguably the most important data point for analyzing your prospect database. Report on your sources to understand which sources are giving you the most high-quality candidates and stop investing in those sources that are under-performing


Tags allow your organization to capture prospect data and quickly categorize prospects so you can search for them later.

Custom Fields

Use custom fields to capture prospect data not covered by Greenhouse's default fields. By leveraging custom fields, your organization can analyze the specific details your organization cares about and use it to categorize and/or search for these prospects later.


Group Your Prospects

Organizing prospects into groups based on select criteria allows your organization to coordinate workflows for similar prospects. When a new job is approved for candidate recruitment, these groupings can be a quick and productive way to find talent for your organization.

Prospect Pool and Stages

A prospect pool (and their subsequent stages) is a feature in Greenhouse CRM that enables your organization to organize prospects sourced online, at events, and/or from other job pipelines into a single manageable group so you can track and plan outreach efforts.


Take Action

With your prospects' data organized, use the following features to search for and remind yourself to nurture these prospect relationships. Click below to learn more!

Pool and Stage Reminders

Managing next steps for multiple prospects across different pools and stages can be a challenge when those pools and stages have different workflows, timeframes for next steps, etc. Access these reminders directly from your Dashboard and stay on top of next steps for a group of prospects.

Talent Finder

Greenhouse CRM's Talent Finder feature allows your organization to tap into the various groups of talent cultivated through your sourcing and recruitment efforts for any job. Using this feature, your organization can jumpstart sourcing for a job, infuse your current pipeline with group of silver-medal candidates, etc.