Managing next steps for multiple prospects across different pools and stages can be a challenge when those pools and stages have different workflows, timeframes for next steps, etc. While Greenhouse CRM allows organizations to set reminders for individual prospects, this can soon prove unwieldy for Recruiters and/or Sourcers as prospect pools begin to grow and multiply.

In addition to setting individual reminders for prospects, Greenhouse CRM also allows organizations to set reminders for entire pools and stages. In this article, we will cover:


Create/Edit Pool and Stage Reminders

To create a new pool and stage reminder, click the ellipsis icon Ellipsis.png from your navigation bar and select CRM from the dropdown menu.


From the CRM page, navigate to the Reminders panel near the bottom of the page and click Create Reminder.


Use the subsequent Create Reminder dialog box to provide the following information:

Reminder Details Provide a description for the reminder
Pool  The reminder is for prospects included in this pool.
Stage (Optional) The reminder is only for prospects included in this stage of the selected pool.
Due Date The date the reminder email is sent out to Assigned Users and due to be completed.
Assigned Users CRM Admin and license holders who will receive the reminder.

When finished, click Create Reminder


The pool and stage reminder is created, and the Assigned Users will be notified on the selected Due Date. Additionally, the reminder will be added to the Reminders panel for the Assigned Users.

To edit the details for a pool and stage reminder you created, navigate to the Reminders panel on the CRM page and hover over the reminder. Click the Edit icon edit.png .


Note: Users can only edit pool and stage reminders they created, or where they have been selected as an Assigned User.


Pool and Stage Reminders Dashboard

Once the pool and stage reminder is created, the reminder will appear in two locations for all Assigned Users:

  • On the CRM page in the Reminders panel, and
  • On the My Dashboard page in the My Reminders panel

Note: While the reminder will appear in the Reminders panel for the Assigned User immediately, the Pool and Stage Reminder Email is not delivered until the selected Due Date.


To dismiss an individual pool and stage reminder, click the Screen_Shot_2018-12-11_at_2.46.25_PM.png to the left of the reminder. 

Additionally, Greenhouse Recruiting users can bulk dismiss and/or export all reminders by clicking See All and performing the appropriate action.



Pool and Stage Reminder Email

On the assigned due date for the reminder, an email will be sent to all Greenhouse Recruiting users who were selected as Assigned Users when the reminder was created. The email will contain the reminder details and a link that will redirect the user to a filtered list of prospects. Click the link.


The user will be redirected to the All Candidates tab in their Greenhouse Recruiting account, which will be filtered down to the set of prospects who match the selected pool and stage for the reminder. Perform the task described in the reminder details.