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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Manager Access provides greater visibility and control for your people managers so they can be more hands-on in your organization's onboarding plan. Manager Access is granted in addition to Employee Access in cases where a user has been selected as a Manager for another employee.

Assign a user as a manager

Manager Access is automatically assigned to users based on how their direct report status to other employees is configured in your Greenhouse Onboarding account.

Unlike administrative or custom roles, which must be manually assigned to users, Manager Access is granted when you select a user to be the Manager for another employee.

Screenshot of manager field

Once this relationship is configured in Greenhouse Onboarding, the system will automatically grant Manager Access to the user assigned to the Manager role.

Finding the manager permissions

You can update the default access permissions for the Manager role on the Permissions page. (Settings > Permissions)

Screenshot of permissions sidebar item

Scroll down to the Default Access panel and click Edit next to Manager Additional Access.

Screenshot of manager access edit button

Select the checkboxes on the next page to configure the permissions for Manager Access.

Screenshot of manager permissions page Configure manager permissions

Your organization can configure two administrative permissions for users assigned to Manager Access at the top of the page.

  • Can see and edit the tasks that have been assigned to current employees: Users with Manager Access can view, edit, and create new or existing tasks for direct reports.
  • Can manage employee documents and signature requests: Users with Manager Access can view and manage any and all employee documents and signature requests.

Screenshot of overall manager permissions boxes

Update manager field permissions

Note: View and edit permissions for direct reports will be set to Employee Access by default unless additional access is granted.

Your organization can choose which employee fields a user assigned to the Manager role can view and/or edit for direct reports.

Defining manager permissions

Each permission is made up of two types of access:

  • Can Edit for Direct Reports: The manager can update the field for their direct reports. If this field is not selected, an administrator will have to update the value.
  • Can View for Direct Reports: The manager can see the field on the employee's page.

By selecting one or both of these checkboxes, you can set up different permission levels for your managers.

Screenshot of manager field permissions

Note: The Can Edit for Direct Reports permission is used in conjunction with the employee access permission Can Edit for Onself. If the employee's permission is selected but the manager's permission is not, only employees and administrators will be able to update the field.

View only

In some situations, you may want a manager to be able to see information for a report, but not be able to update it themselves. For example, you may want to show the Termination Date field, but only allow admins to update the value.

For this configuration, leave the Can Edit for Direct Reports checkbox unchecked, but select the Can View for Direct Reports box.

Screenshot of view only manager permission

View and edit

To give the manager permission to both modify and see a field, select both checkboxes.

Note: You can't select the Can edit for Direct Reports without selecting Can View for Direct Reports.

Screenshot of both checkboxes

Employee fields that can be edited by users with Manager Access will be included in that user's Manager Form.


If a field should be completely hidden from a manager's access, uncheck both boxes.

Screenshot of hidden field