Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

User-specific permissions are extra permissions assigned to specific users who may need to perform additional tasks that fall beyond their blanket permission level (i.e. Basic, Job Admin, Site Admin).

Unlike job-based permissions, which define a user's permissions on specified jobs only, user-specific permissions impact a user’s abilities across all of Greenhouse Recruiting. By configuring user-specific permissions, your organization can tailor individual user accounts to perform certain tasks without providing users with extraneous permissions.

General user-specific permissions 

General user-specific permissions are tied to the user's blanket permission level (i.e. Basic, Job Admin, Site Admin) and are not the same across all permission levels. That is, the available general user-specific permissions for Site Admin users are not the same as those for Job Admin or Basic users. 

Note: Basic users can be granted developer permissions but cannot be granted general user-specific permissions. 

To learn more about general user-specific permissions available for each permission level, click the links below: 

Developer permissions

Unlike general user-specific permissions, which are dependent on the user's assigned permission level (i.e. Basic, Job Admin, or Site Admin), developer permissions are the same across all three permission levels. Developer permissions are user-specific permissions that allow a user to manage an organization's APIs, webhooks and certain integrations. 

For more information on developer permissions, click here.

Additional resources

For more information on how to configure user-specific permissions, click here