Karat^ conducts highly predictive technical interviews that power world-class hiring processes for leading organizations.

Greenhouse Recruiting’s integration with Karat^ provides your organization with the ability to add assessments to a job's interview plan, invite candidates to Karat^ interviews, and receive result summaries directly in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Set up the Karat^ integration

Retrieve your Karat^ assessment API key

To begin the process of enabling the Karat^ integration, you'll need to retrieve an assessment API key.

Navigate to the Karat^ platform and click Settings on the left panel. Next, click the ATS Integrations tab. 

If your organization has multiple groups, first choose the group you are creating the Integration for from the Switch Group drop-down before proceeding. Otherwise, skip this step.

Under Create New ATS Integration, choose Greenhouse from the Select ATS drop-down menu and then, click Create


On the following page, navigate to Settings > Assessment API > Assessment API key and click Copy.

Note: If you are also using Karat Code Challenges, you'll also need to copy the Code Challenge — Assessment API key.


Once you have received the credentials listed above, click here to open a ticket with the Greenhouse Technical Support team.

Note: Do not send the credentials in this initial email.

The Greenhouse Technical Support team will respond with a SendSafely link for you to provide the credentials. A notification will be sent to the Greenhouse Technical Support team after you have entered the credentials, and they will email you to confirm your credentials have been set up in your account and your integration is enabled.

Note: To verify your identity, the Greenhouse Technical Support team might request you provide a Support Verification Code before adding the credentials to your organization's account.

After providing your created key and completing the full integration steps, you'll be able to add the Karat^ stage to your interview plans.

Create a Harvest API key

Next, you’ll need to create a Harvest API key in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Follow the steps in this article to create the key and verify that the permissions below are selected when configuring the Karat^ integration.

Be sure to copy and save the key in a secure location, you’ll need to paste it in Karat^ in the next step.


In the Create New Credential box, make the following selections:

  • API Type: Harvest
  • Partner: Karat or Unlisted Vendor
  • Description: Karat Harvest API Key


Verify that the following permissions are selected for the Karat^ integration:


  • GET: Retrieve Application


  • GET: Retrieve Candidate
  • GET: List Candidates
  • POST: Add Note


  • GET: Retrieve User


  • GET: List Scorecards for Application
  • GET: List Scorecards

Activity Feed

  • GET: Retrieve Activity Feed


  • GET: Retrieve Job
  • GET: List Jobs

Job Stages

  • GET: List Job Stages
  • GET: List Job Stages for Job

Rejection Reasons

  • GET: List Rejection Reasons


  • GET: List Sources

When finished, click Save.

Your Harvest API key for the Greenhouse Recruiting / Karat^ integration is created and configured. Copy the Harvest API key to provide to Karat^ in the next step.

Provide your API key credentials to Karat^

To add your API credentials to Karat^, navigate to Karat and then, click Settings on the left-hand panel.

Next, select the ATS Integrations tab and click Settings.


Scroll to the Harvest API key field and paste the copied key.


Save when finished.

Configure an Integration service user (ISU)

For some of Greenhouse's API functionality (e.g. adding a note and results to a candidate's activity feed), a user is required for auditing purposes.

Note: This user account will only be used to determine the permissions of the Karat^  integration.

Follow the steps in this article to create a new user with the following criteria:

  • Name the new user Karat integration so that you can easily identify which notes were added by the integration
  • We recommend using karat@"yourdomain".com as the user’s email address. It doesn’t have to be a legitimate email address as we won’t actually be using this.
  • Assign the Karat user Job Admin: Standard permissions

Note: When assigning permissions, you’ll need to add job-based permissions to the created user. Without proper permissions, the integration will not fully function and will encounter errors.

To automate job-based permissions being assigned each time a new job is created for the Karat^ integration, assign the user job-based permissions on all future jobs.

Save when finished.

Retrieve your Greenhouse Recruiting user ID

Once done, follow the steps in this article to locate the created user ID to provide to Karat^.

Navigate to Configure > Users and search for the user by email address and select the user account. On the Edit User page, change the First Name and Last Name fields to Karat Integration.

Next, copy the Greenhouse Recruiting user ID from the URL at the top of your browser. The user ID is the numerical value found between “users” and “edit” in the URL.


Navigate back to the Karat^ Platform to input the credentials.

On the left-hand panel, click Settings > ATS Integrations > Settings under the Integration heading. Next, scroll to the User ID field and paste the copied user ID. 


When finished, click Save.

Add the Karat stage to your interview plan and complete setup

After configuring your integration service user, follow the steps in this article to set up the assessment stage in your interview plans.

Note: Only a single Karat stage works with the Greenhouse Recruiting / Karat^ integration. If you copy the current Karat stage to a new job or create an additional Karat stage, the integration will not work as expected. 

Once you've set up your interview plans and configured your take-home test, you'll be able to send a Karat^ Interview invite to candidates.

Use the Karat^ integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

When candidates are moved into the Karat^ interview stage, you will see the “Send Test” link.


To invite a candidate, click on the Send Test link and select an assessment from the drop-down menu.

Use the Who should grade it? field to add or modify additional graders to review the test. The selected users will receive notification when the Karat interview results are submitted in Greenhouse Recruiting.


The status of the assessment will be viewable in the Karat stage within Greenhouse. After the invite is sent, the status will change to “Sent” and the time that has passed since it was sent.


Once the Karat interview results have been added to Greenhouse, the status will change to To be graded by and how long ago the results were added. The user set as the grader for this role, will be added as the grader.


The candidate’s Karat interview results will also be added to their activity feed.

Once your integration set-up is complete, reach out to Karat^ integration support to confirm setup completion. They will proceed with final steps, including walking your team through:

  • Stage alignment: Once we have completed the setup and ingested your Greenhouse stages, we’ll reach back out to you with instructions on how to assign the appropriate Karat stage to each of your Greenhouse stages. This ensures we are aligning candidates to the correct stages on the Karat Platform.
  • Sending through a test candidate to ensure the integration is set up properly.
  • Which Greenhouse field you’d like the recruiter's name pulled from. By default, the recruiter will be pulled from the Candidate level. However, we can pull the recruiter’s name from: Candidate level, Job level, and Sourcer - Candidate level

Additional resources

For additional questions or troubleshooting information not covered here, review Karat^'s setup guide or reach out to support@karat.com.