Map your location field to Greenhouse Recruiting

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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

The location field in Greenhouse Onboarding helps your organization categorize new hires and assign onboarding plans based on an employee's work location or office.

When you first set up your Greenhouse Recruiting integration in Greenhouse Onboarding, mapping location fields between both systems is essential. This helps you ensure that Greenhouse Onboarding will pull in the correct location for newly hired candidates that you're about to onboard.

Since one location can include multiple offices in Greenhouse Recruiting, Greenhouse Onboarding can't automatically map and assign the correct location field. You'll need to create a custom offer field in Greenhouse Recruiting to map to your Greenhouse Onboarding location field.

Create a custom offer field in Greenhouse Recruiting

To get started, create a custom offer field in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Open Greenhouse Recruiting, then navigate to ConfigureCustom Options.

Configure page in Greenhouse Recruiting with Configure button and Custom Options button highlighted

Under Company custom fields, select Offers.

Company custom fields in Greenhouse Recruiting with Offers option highlighted

On the Manage offer fields page, click Add field.

Manage offer fields page in Greenhouse Recruiting with Add field button highlighted

Use the New Offer Field window to give your field a Name and apply any rules. We recommend using the name "Location" for your new field.

New offer field creation in Greenhouse Recruiting with field name filled out

Select Single Select from the Field Type menu. Use the Options field to list each of your organization's locations.

Note: Your custom offer field options should match each location option in Greenhouse Onboarding. This ensures a candidate's location maps correctly to their employee location in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Mark the Required checkbox to require that this field is completed every time someone in your organization creates an offer.

New offer field creation with single select field type and location options listed

When you're finished, click Save.

Map your location fields

Now that you've created a custom offer field in Greenhouse Recruiting, you can successfully map this field to the location field in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Open Greenhouse Onboarding, then navigate to Settings > Company Info > Fields.

Greenhouse Onboarding Settings page with Company Info and Fields buttons highlighted

Under Basic Information, click to open the Location field.

Basic Information fields in Greenhouse Onboarding settings with Location field highlighted

From the Edit Field window, use the Greenhouse Recruiting Field dropdown to select your new custom offer field.

Mark the Required for new hires and/or managers checkbox.

Edit Location field window in Greenhouse Onboarding with Greenhouse Recruiting field dropdown and custom offer field selected and highlighted

When you're finished, click Save

Your Greenhouse Recruiting custom offer field is now mapped to the location field in Greenhouse Onboarding. When you onboard a newly hired candidate, Greenhouse Onboarding will now automatically pull in their location from Greenhouse Recruiting.

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