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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Onboarding Plans can be assigned to new hires based on their department, location, employment status, and/or any other criteria your organization creates. Likewise, location can be used to filter your organization's list of pending hires. 

The location field in Greenhouse Onboarding should be mapped to the office field in Greenhouse Recruiting; however, since a job can have multiple offices in Greenhouse Recruiting, Greenhouse Onboarding is unable to automatically map and assign this field to a location successfully. 

This article addresses how to map a location field between Greenhouse Recruiting and Onboarding by using a custom offer field.

Create custom offer field in Greenhouse Recruiting

To start, we recommend creating a list of locations for your organization.

Navigate to the Customer Options settings page. (Configure icon > Custom Options on the left-side panel)

Screenshot  of  the  custom  options  page.

Select Offers under Company Custom Fields.

Then, click Add Field.

Screenshot  of  the  add  field  button.

Use the New Offer Field dialog box to give the field a Name and apply any rules.

Choose Single Select from the Type drop-down menu and provide the list of locations in the Options field. 

Scroll down the dialog box and click the checkbox for Required

Screenshot  of  the  new  offer  field  dialog  box.

When finished, click Save.

Your custom offer field will be added to all offers and users will be required to provide a location before creating an offer.

Map custom offer field to Greenhouse Onboarding location field 

Now that we've created a custom offer field in Greenhouse Recruiting, we can successfully map this field to the location field in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Navigate to the Fields settings page. (SettingsFields under Company Info in the left-side panel)

Next, select Location from the Basic Information section. 

Screenshot of the location field.

On the Edit Location Field dialog box, select Location from the Greenhouse Recruiting Field dropdown. 

Check the Required for new hires and/or managers box. 

When finished, click Save

Your Greenhouse Recruiting custom offer field is now mapped to the location field in Greenhouse Onboarding.