Test your Greenhouse Recruiting integration in Greenhouse Onboarding

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Before launching Greenhouse Onboarding with a Greenhouse Recruiting integration, we recommend testing your new hire flow. This helps your organization ensure that newly hired candidates will reach Greenhouse Onboarding correctly.

In this article, we'll cover:

  • How to set up your Greenhouse Recruiting integration
  • How to create and hire a test candidate in Greenhouse Recruiting
  • How to convert your test candidate into a test new hire

Note: Ask your Customer Success Manager to link your Greenhouse Recruiting account to your Greenhouse Onboarding account.

Tip: If you're getting ready to launch Greenhouse Onboarding, use this checklist to make sure you have everything set up.

Map fields from Greenhouse Recruiting to Greenhouse Onboarding

Before you can test your integration, you'll want to make sure that you've mapped your Greenhouse Onboarding fields to the fields in Greenhouse Recruiting. This will ensure that your new hires' information is imported correctly.

Learn how to map fields from Greenhouse Recruiting to Greenhouse Onboarding.

Hire a test candidate in Greenhouse Recruiting

After you've configured your Greenhouse Recruiting integration and mapped your fields, create a test candidate in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: Learn how to manually add a candidate to your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

Fill in the necessary fields for your test candidate, with particular emphasis on the information you want to test in Greenhouse Onboarding.

For your candidate's email, create a modified demo email tied to your current work email (or the email connected to your Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding accounts). This will allow you to receive your test candidate's emails in your inbox and create a test account for the new hire in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Tip: To create a demo email, add a + and a descriptor to your existing email address.

For example, if your email is adminuser@yourcompany.com, assign the following email to your test candidate:


Once you've created your test candidate, Greenhouse Recruiting will direct you to the candidate's profile automatically.

From your candidate's profile, click Move Stage to move your test candidate to the Offer stage.

Test candidate profile in Greenhouse Recruiting moved to the Offer Stage

Click Manage Offer, then fill in your test candidate's offer details. Make sure to fill out their Location, Department, and Employment Status.

Click Save when you're done.

Create offer panel in Greenhouse Recruiting for test candidate

If needed, request approval from any required approvers to hire this test candidate.

Next, click Mark Candidate as Hired.

Test candidate profile in Greenhouse Recruiting after offer with Mark Candidate as Hired button highlighted

Your test candidate will be marked as hired in Greenhouse Recruiting and transferred automatically to Greenhouse Onboarding as a pending hire.

Note: You can delete your test candidate after testing the new hire flow in both Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding. Deleting a test candidate will not affect your reports.

Convert your test pending hire to a new hire

Your test candidate will now appear in Greenhouse Onboarding as a pending hire.

Onboard this pending hire to convert your test candidate to a new hire and create an employee profile.

Test candidate from Greenhouse Recruiting displayed as pending hire in Greenhouse Onboarding

Note: When onboarding your test hire, add yourself to the People to Notify panel so you can test your organization's email notifications.

Onboarding a pending hire with People to Notify section highlighted and employee selected

Test the new hire flow

Once you've onboarded your test hire, you'll want to navigate to their employee profile to review your organization's setup.

Use the search bar from your homepage navigation bar to search for your test employee. Click on their name in the dropdown to open their employee profile.

In the test new hire's profile, navigate to the Admin tab.

Click Send "Welcome to the Team" Email.

Test hire employee profile in Greenhouse Onboarding with Admin tab opened and Send Welcome to the Team Email button highlighted

Navigate to your email inbox and open your test hire's Welcome to the team email. Review the email to make sure all email tokens are populating correctly.

Next, click Get Started in your welcome email to create a Greenhouse Onboarding account for your test employee.

Welcome to the team email with Get Started button highlighted

You can now begin reviewing the new hire onboarding flow. Follow this checklist to make sure you've reviewed every part of the new hire experience.

If everything looks good, you're ready to launch Greenhouse Onboarding with your Greenhouse Recruiting integration.

Remove your test employee

Once you've tested your onboarding flow, you'll want to remove the test employee from your organization's Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Recruiting accounts.

Follow the steps outlined in these resources to remove the test new hire from each platform: