Best practice: Test new hire flow (with Greenhouse Recruiting integration)


Note: The testing of your Greenhouse Onboarding new hire flow should be performed by a user with Owner user permissions.

Before launching Greenhouse Onboarding with a Greenhouse Recruiting integration, we suggest testing your new hire flow. In this article, we will cover how to set up the connection between Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding, create and hire a test candidate in Greenhouse Recruiting, and then convert that test candidate into a test new hire.

Map Information Fields from Greenhouse Recruiting to Greenhouse Onboarding

If you have not already, ask your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to link your Greenhouse Recruiting account to your Greenhouse Onboarding account.

After this, you will want to map any information fields that should come over from Greenhouse Recruiting into Greenhouse Onboarding before proceeding with your test. To learn more about how to map information fields between GHR and GHO, please click here.

To see what emails will look like, ask your Greenhouse Onboarding CSM to turn on email notifications for your user account.

Create and Hire Test Candidate in Greenhouse Recruiting

After your Greenhouse Recruiting and Onboarding accounts are linked, create a test candidate in Greenhouse Recruiting by clicking the Add icon Screen_Shot_2018-10-18_at_9.52.49_AM.png in the upper right-hand corner and selecting Add Candidate from the dropdown menu.


From the Add a New Candidate page, fill in the appropriate fields for a new candidate with particular emphasis on information you plan on pushing into Greenhouse Onboarding.

Pro Tip: Assign a modified version of your admin email to the test candidate in Greenhouse Recruiting to receive the test candidate's emails in your admin inbox. To create a modified email, add a "+" and a descriptor to your email. For instance, if your email is, assign the email to the test candidate. You will not have to create a new email and you will receive any and all emails the test candidate would receive in your AdminUser inbox.


When finished, click Save to add the test candidate to your account. You will be directed to the test candidate's profile.

Click Offer Details from the On # Job panel and select Mark Candidate as Hired.


From the Offer Accepted dialog box, fill in any offer details. When finished, click Save.


Your test candidate will be marked as hired in Greenhouse Recruiting and their information should be pushed into your Greenhouse Onboarding account.

This test candidate can be deleted after testing in both platforms and they will not affect your reports. Be aware of any approval flows in Greenhouse Recruiting that your company currently has and notify people accordingly.


Convert Pending Hire to New Hire

With the test candidate marked as hired in Greenhouse Recruiting, the test candidate's information will be pushed into Greenhouse Onboarding as a Pending Hire.

The profile for the test new hire (formerly the test candidate) can be accessed by navigating to your Greenhouse Onboarding account. From your Home page, navigate to the Pending Hires Queue panel and select the test hire.


Alternatively, as the HR Manager (defaulted to the person onboarding new hires), you will receive a pending hire notification in your inbox. Click Onboard to proceed.


From the Pending Hire: Review Profile page, check that all mapped information fields have successfully been imported into Greenhouse Onboarding. Keep in mind that much of the personal profile information for new hires will be completed by the new hire during their onboarding plan.

It is also important that you assign any user fields that receive tasks (i.e. Manager, Buddy, Mentor) to ensure that these tasks are populated correctly when you decide to assign the onboarding plan. For the test new hire, we recommend that you assign these roles to yourself of another person on your implementation team so that notifications are not being sent prematurely to the broader team.

Add yourself to the People to Notify panel as well so that you can test what the notification will look like.


When you have finished reviewing the profile information page, click Review Onboarding Plan at the bottom of the screen.


From the Review Onboarding Plan page, confirm that all relevant tasks, e-signatures, emails, and feedback are populating correctly based on the Onboarding criteria you chose.


After you have confirmed that the tasks, e-signatures, emails, and feedback are populating correctly, click Assign Plan.


Your pending hire will be converted to a new hire and will be assigned an onboarding plan.


Test New Hire Flow

Review the summary page of your test new hireyou can view the test new hire's complete profile, onboarding plan, and individuals notified. To view the test new hire's welcome experience, click Preview Welcome Experience.


Review the new hire welcome experience and make sure that it is appearing correctly.

Finally, navigate to the test new hire's profile by using the search feature in Greenhouse Onboarding.Screen_Shot_2019-03-13_at_2.57.58_PM.png

From the test new hire's profile, click the Admin tab and manually send the "Welcome to the Team" email by clicking Resend Your "Welcome to the Team" Email.


Return to your inbox and navigate to the "Welcome to the team" email designated for your test new hire. Make sure all email tokens are populating correctly.


Click Get Started and as you go through the new hire onboarding flow, fill out all fields and e-signature documents as the new hire.

Likewise, review the task notification emails received by you (or members of your implementation team) and mark tasks as complete. If everything looks good, you are ready to launch Greenhouse Onboarding with a Greenhouse Recruiting integration!