Permissions: Owners, Coordinators, and users with custom access to manage pending hires

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Use this guide to learn how to add new hires and assign their onboarding plans in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Add a new hire

In Greenhouse Onboarding, new hires are added in one of two ways:

Note: Pending hires are automatically added to Greenhouse Onboarding from Greenhouse Recruiting after a candidate has been marked as hired.

Manually add a new hire

Owners and Coordinators can manually add new hires to Greenhouse Onboarding at any time. To manually add a new hire, click Add a New Hire from your homepage profile section.

Screenshot of add new hire button

Use the Onboard New Employee: Create Profile page to enter all of your new hire's relevant information.

Note: The fields used to fill out your new hire's profile can be configured by Owners in Settings.


You can also fill out the People To Notify field to notify specific people in your organization when this new hire is added to Greenhouse Onboarding.

Click the dropdown menu to select recipients to notify. You can select employees by role, including Manager and Onboarding Coordinator, or select individual employees by name.


Once you're finished, you'll fill out your new hire's onboarding criteria. Skip to Set onboarding criteria for your new hire to learn more.

Convert a pending hire to a new hire

If you've integrated your Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding accounts, any candidates marked as hired in Greenhouse Recruiting will be automatically sent to Greenhouse Onboarding as a pending hire. Owners, Coordinators, and users with custom access can view and manage pending hires from the Pending Hires section of their homepage.

To convert a pending hire to a new hire, click the hire's name in the Pending Hires section.

Screenshot of name on pending hires list

Use the Convert Pending Hire: Review Profile page to review the pending hire's information, which has been automatically pulled from Greenhouse Recruiting. You can edit these fields as needed, as well as fill out any blank fields.

Screenshot of pending hire details

Once you've confirmed your new hire's details, you'll fill out their onboarding criteria.

Set onboarding criteria for a new hire

Regardless of how a new hire was added to Greenhouse Onboarding, you'll need to define onboarding criteria to help set up the new hire's onboarding plan.

Scroll to the Onboarding Criteria section of the new hire's profile creation page. Here, you'll fill out the new hire's assigned department, location, employment status, and other criteria.

Screenshot of onboarding criteria panel

Note: New hires will be assigned tasks based on your criteria selections above. To receive their onboarding plan, new hires' onboarding criteria must match at least one of each Onboarding plan criteria set for a given task under Settings > Tasks.


When you're finished, click Review Onboarding Plan at the bottom of the profile creation page.

Screenshot of review onboarding plan button

Note: If you want to create a new profile in Greenhouse Onboarding without assigning an onboarding plan (for example, adding existing employees to assign them as managers), check the box to Skip Onboarding Plan, then click Create Profile.

The employee will be added to the system but won't receive onboarding emails or be assigned e-signatures, feedback, or tasks. Owners and Coordinators can send 'Welcome to the team' and 'Your next step' emails manually from the Admin tab in the employee's profile.

Assign a new hire's onboarding plan

Use the Review Onboarding Plan page to review the tasks, E-Signatures, and feedback questions that will be assigned as part of your new hire's onboarding plan.

If needed, you can also update your new hire's onboarding plan in the following ways:

  • Add, edit, or delete tasks
  • Add or delete E-Signature templates
  • Reassign the counter signer for an E-Signature

Note: Emails and feedback questions can't be edited when you review a new hire's onboarding plan. Users with Owner access can update these items in Settings.

Screenshot of review onboarding plan page

When you're finished, click Assign Plan.

Screenshot of assign plan button

Review a new hire's details and preview their welcome experience

Once you assign a new hire's onboarding plan, you'll see the Summary page. This page includes an overview of the new hire that's been onboarded and the high-level details of their onboarding plan.

Click Preview Welcome Experience to preview what this new hire will experience when they log in to Greenhouse Onboarding for the first time.

Screenshot of preview welcome experience button

You can also click Onboard Another Employee to manually add another new hire to Greenhouse Onboarding.

Click Back to Home to go back to your homepage.

Screenshot of onboard employee and home buttons

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