What are Milestones? How do I configure them for my jobs?

Interview plans for jobs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so the stages and interviews of an entry-level support role are very different than the assessments and on-sites that an engineering manager might go through before being hired. This makes it really difficult to compare lots of positions across an organization -- mashing all the stages into one view just creates a big mess, rather than a coherent and actionable report. In an effort to make these comparisons simpler, we're thrilled to roll out a brand new concept in Greenhouse: Milestones.

Milestones work on the philosophy that every candidate moves through the same 5 steps in every hiring process:

  • Application - The required first stage for every job in Greenhouse
  • Assessment - The first stage that isn't app review or hiring manager review
  • Face to Face - The first time you interact with the candidate in person
  • Offer - The required final stage for every job in Greenhouse
  • Hired - The candidate is converted to an employee in your company

No matter how many stages or interviews might be in between, these five milestones allow you to compare vastly different jobs on a shared set of criteria. This will allow you to optionally view reports by Milestone to see how your organization is performing in aggregate. 

When you click a job and view the Job Setup > Interview Plan page, you'll now see a button at the top-right that allows you to view the milestones for the job. From a configuration point of view, Greenhouse is able to look at any job in your system and programmatically determine which of your stages should correspond with Application, Assessment, Offer, and Hired, so these Milestones are automatically assigned and cannot be changed. For Face to Face, Greenhouse makes a guess at which stage is most likely the first onsite interview, but you are able to adjust it in case our algorithm chose incorrectly.

It is possible for multiple Milestones to be mapped to the same stage, so if you have jobs with very few stages you might find that things are a little more condensed. If you add, move, or delete stages (either in bulk or one-by-one), the four automatic Milestones will also update.

How do I use Milestones?

Milestones themselves can't show you much information on their own, so get ready to start seeing them pop up throughout Greenhouse. Take the Pipeline History and Pass Through Rates Report, which has a brand new toggle that allows you to view the report by Milestones instead of stages. In this example, it turns a big, messy report into something much easier to comprehend at a glance:






The following reports currently have a Milestone toggle (or will have one very soon), so check them out!

  • Pipeline History and Pass Through Rates 
  • Current Pipeline Per Job 
  • Candidate Quality by Source
  • Candidate Quality by Recruiter
  • Candidate Quality by Referrer
  • Interviewing Activity Per Job
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  • Avatar
    Beth Sallomi

    Hello - is it possible to add a milestone for Hiring Manager Review? we want to track how many candidates are submitted to the HM by the recruiter, and then of those candidates, how many/what percentage the HM requests to meet.

  • Avatar
    Karen Situ

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for writing in! It's currently not possible to add a milestone for Hiring Manager Review. As indicated above, Milestones is intended to capture the main checkpoints of the recruiting process. Application is for the first stage and Assessment is the next milestone where it is the first non-review stage (not App Review nor Hiring Manager Review).

    In this instance, I believe it might be better to use our Pipeline Report to review the pass rate of candidates and to review how many candidates have reached that stage.

    Hope that helps! If you have any further questions on this, please feel free to email us at support@greenhouse.io so that I may offer more clarification.

    All the best,

    All the best,

  • Avatar
    Gabriela Matias

    Is it in the plans to be able to configure the milestones? We would like to have Application Review and Hiring Manager review under the Application milestone.

  • Avatar
    Jess Bertubin

    Hi Gabriela,

    Thanks for writing in and sharing that request!

    I'd be happy to bring that up as feedback for our team to consider as we look to improve reports in the future. Really appreciate the suggestion - please continue to share your ideas with us!

    In the meantime, the best recommendation would be to use the Pipeline report as suggested by Karen above.

    Feel free to reach out to us at support@greenhouse.io if you have any other questions!


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