Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can edit interview plans

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The stages and interviews your organization has configured for one job might differ drastically from those of another job. These differences can make it difficult to compare multiple positions across your organization, as combining all possible stages across all jobs into a single view can produce an unintelligible mess instead of a coherent and actionable report.

With this in mind, milestones provide a standardized way to conceptualize a job's interview plan and can assist your organization in making comparisons between jobs instead of relying on job stages.

Milestones overview

As an alternative way of viewing a job's interview plan, milestones operate on the philosophy that every candidate moves through the same 5 five basic steps in every hiring process:

  • Application: The required first stage for every job in Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • Assessment: The first stage that is not application review or hiring manager review.
  • Face to Face: The first time you interact with the candidate in person.
  • Offer: The required final stage for every job in Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • Hired: The candidate is converted to an employee in your company.

Regardless of how many stages or interviews might existing in an interview plan between each milestone, these five milestones allow your organization to compare vastly different jobs on a shared set of criteria. With milestones, you can filter reports by milestone to see how your organization is performing in aggregate.

View milestones on existing job

To view an interview plan for a single job by milestones, click Jobs from your navigation bar, and select your job from the list.

From the Job page, click Job Setup and navigate to Interview Plan on the left.

From the Interview Plan page, click Milestones. This will change the view of your interview plan so that it is organized by the standardized milestones instead of stages.

In this view, Greenhouse Recruiting looks at the job in your system and programmatically determines which of the job's stages should correspond to each milestone. This correlation cannot be changed once automatically assigned.

Note: For the Face to Face milestone, Greenhouse Recruiting uses an algorithm to determine which stage most likely correlates to the first onsite interview. If this correlation is incorrect, your organization can adjust which stage is associated with the milestone. It isn't possible to manually adjust any other milestones.

It is possible for multiple milestones to be mapped to the same stage, so if there are jobs with very few stages your organization might find that things are a little more condensed. If your organization adds, moves, or deletes stages (either individually or in bulk), the four automatic milestones (Application, Assessment, Offer, Hired) will update accordingly.

Reports by milestones

When viewed in Greenhouse Recruiting reports, milestones can help your organization draw comparisons across multiple jobs at a glance.

The following are some of the reports that can be filtered and viewed by milestones: