Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The candidate survey captures feedback that can be used to evaluate and strategically improve the experience you offer to candidates. In this article, we'll cover how to view aggregated responses to your candidate survey. 

Note: All candidate data is anonymized for compliance purposes and to reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process. Your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting users can only view anonymized candidate data. In addition, Greenhouse Technical Support cannot access candidate data unless given explicit consent by your organization.

View candidate survey results

To view candidate survey results, click Reports from your navigation bar.

From the Reports Overview page, click Essential Reports.

On the Essential Reports page, scroll to the Share Progress with Executives section and click Candidate Surveys.

Note: The candidate surveys report includes data for all jobs where you have appropriate permissions.

Your survey questions and the response data are displayed.

Candidate survey report showing 5 questions.png

Benchmarking data

Benchmarking data is the average response to a question based on candidate survey results across all jobs and organizations using the survey.

Benchmarked data is shown in the Customer Avg. row under default survey questions.

Candidate survey results with an orange box around the benchmarking data.png

Benchmarked data isn't available for custom questions that your organization may have added. Your candidate response data for newly added survey questions will appear in the report without the Customer Avg. row beneath it.

Report filters

Using the filter panel, the report can be filtered by submission date, department, and office.

In order to maintain anonymity, the report cannot be filtered by job since it is possible to deduce candidate feedback with this level of granularity.

View candidate comments

Candidates have the option to provide a comment in response to survey questions. Candidate comments aren't viewable inside Greenhouse Recruiting, but you can view them by exporting the report to a spreadsheet.

Click the Download icon in the upper right-hand corner to export the report to a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet of the report will be downloaded with the accompanying comments.

Download button on the candidate survey page.png

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