HackerRank Interview is an integration between Greenhouse Recruiting and HackerRank that gives you access to live paired code exercises.

To use HackerRank's other assessments, your organization will also need to set up the HackerRank Assessment integration.

Set up HackerRank interview

Each user who plans to use HackerRank Interview must set up the integration for their account. However, these different connections can all use the same API key.

Note: You need a HackerRank Recruiter user account to send tests. HackerRank Developer accounts can't be used with the HackerRank integration.

Generate a HackerRank API key

A HackerRank account administrator can generate a global API key and share it with other recruiters at your organization. This API key will need to have the Recruiter and Company Admin permissions in HackerRank get to full access to your assessments.

Admins can generate the key under the integration settings (Log in > Settings > Integrations)

The Settings menu is highlighted on HackerRank

Find Greenhouse Recruiting and click Configure.

The HackerRank platform shows Greenhouse highlighted on the Integrations page

Click Generate an API token to save the key to your clipboard.

Generate an API token is highlighted on the HackerRank platform

Note: After generating the HackerRank global API key, securely store this key. Every new user will need to enter the global API key into their individual Greenhouse Recruiting user accounts.

Finish setup in Greenhouse Recruiting

Log in to your Greenhouse Recruiting account and click Integrations on your navigation bar.

Integrations tab is shown on the Greenhouse Recruiting platform

Find HackerRank in the integrations search bar. Click Connect.

The Connect button is highlighted in marigold on the HackerRank integration

Paste your HackerRank API key, and click Save.

An example API key is entered and the Save button is highlighted in marigold

Harvest API key

If you already set up the Harvest API as part of the HackerRank Assessment integration, you can skip these steps.

HackerRank also uses the Harvest API to send information to Greenhouse. You'll need to create a Harvest API key, retrieve your user ID, and add both items to the Greenhouse Integration Settings page in HackerRank.

Configure API key in Greenhouse

To create your Harvest API key, follow the steps in this article. Use the following permissions and credentials when setting up the integration.


In the Create New Credential box, make the following selections:

  • API Type: Harvest
  • Partner: HackerRank
  • Description: HackerRank Harvest API Key


Make sure the following permissions are selected when configuring your API key.

  • Candidates
    • Post: Add Candidates
    • Post: Add Attachment
    • Post: Add Note
  • Tags
    • Get: List tags applied to candidate
    • Get: List Candidate Tags
    • Post: Add New Candidate Tags
    • Put: Add a candidate tag
  • Users
    • Get: Retrieve User
    • Get: List Users
  • Custom Fields
    • Get: Get custom fields
    • Post: Create custom field
    • Patch: Update custom field

Find your user ID

To retrieve your user ID, follow the steps in this article.

Enter information into HackerRank

Once you have your Harvest API key and user ID, you can enter them in the Greenhouse Integration Settings page in HackerRank.


Send a live coding link

When you schedule an interview and have the HackerRank Interview integration, a link will be available anytime you add a new stage. You can copy and paste this link into the interview description so it will be automatically sent to your hiring team.


This link will not be automatically sent to the candidate. To make sure the candidate has access to the link before their CodePair session, either send this link to the candidate manually or include it in their take-home test email.

When it's time for the live exercise, the interviewer and candidate can both log into the HackerRank platform and conduct the exercise. The interviewer can then complete their assessment using the Greenhouse Recruiting scorecard.

Once a session is finished, your team can use the same link to access a recording of the session.